Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Consolidating three naps to two

Ah Sleep. It really never ends does it?  Just when you think you have hit baby sleep gold... things change. They are fascinating little creatures aren't they?

I was sitting on our play mats today with Rory, and we were babbling back and forth together, and then he stood at our coffee table and I immediately put my hand on his waist to a support an impending fall, and know what he did?  He took his hand and shooed mine away.  It's a common occurrence these days.  What a little person he has become.  We're 9 months in and this kid is shooing my hand away and giving me looks to say "I got it mom, I don't need your help OK?"  Assertive independence at 9 months, I wonder what's in store at 9 years?

Anyway, back to the sleep. Things change by the month and the merry-go-round begins again.  So we're figuring it out, playing with schedules and saying our sweet sweet prayers to the baby sleep God for a sleep break-thru.

Specifically, our most recent troubles have been in the form of three simultaneous things;
  1. The return of daylight savings
  2. The arrival of Rory's 3rd tooth (an eye tooth at that)
  3. And the apparent need to begin a transition from 3 naps, to two. Brought about by the continuous fighting of his late day nap and his early wake times.
So it hasn't been easy, but we're there.  If you want the ugly details, let me know. But it was a simple return to basics. Sleep training. And a re-read of my favourite sleep book of all time - Marc Weisbluth - Healthy sleep Habits, Happy Child.

Warning * He's dry, doesn't sugar coat anything, and sometimes way too blunt for the average sensitive mom, but it's been our bible.

And his advice has worked through every single sleep change. Which makes him kind of like the baby sleep God to me.

If you're looking for some sleep advice, check him out.

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