Monday, March 28, 2011

Babies in Motion

So, we joined a new program to welcome the arrival spring and in the spirit of trying a few different things before I pass the parental leave baton to Peter at the end of May.

The class is called Babies in Motion, and it focuses on gross motor skill development for babies. It's held in this huge colourful room in a gymnastics gym, and the room is filled with tunnels, tents, balls, bouncing castles and tons of toys that encourage baby to crawl, walk, jump, flip, rock, roll, laugh, and then sleep all afternoon from utter exhaustion.

Today was our second class and it really is just way too much fun, so I thought I would blog about it for you Toronto mommies. Oh... and out of all the classes we have done, it's by far the best bang for my buck.  Whether we can credit this class (given we have been twice) with any of the huge motor skill developments Rory has made in the last two weeks, we're not sure... but it certainly isn't hurting.

Here are some highlights.... definitely worth the trek over to the east end once a week if you're into it.

 Poor Rory totally a bad hair day.

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