Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Like a band-aid

So, I’ve returned to the gym.  I am sure most of you are asking in your heads “what took her so long”.  I ask myself that all the time. Lack of sleep, energy, motivation, it is winter, it is cold, we’ve all been sick for what feels like months,…and oh there is the issue of what the heck to do with my kid while I pound it out on a treadmill. 

Plain and simple, I have no one that I can just leave Rory with for an hour to scoot off to the gym.  I know, I know, the story is getting old.  

So, I woke up one morning in January and decided the ‘no-child-care’ thing was a lame excuse not to be hitting the gym. So I did what I promised myself I would start doing more of… I got over it and I found some options. It’s sort of my new approach to life these days. You can sit around and complain about things, or just sort them out. Life’s too short not to just get on with it. Right?

I talked to a couple of my mom friends about supporting each other in fitting back into our post pregnancy spring/summer clothes so I would have a partner no matter what. They were game, so together we ventured out to find a local gym that has on-site child care.  I dreaded the idea.  We all did.  But it was way easier doing it together for the first time.  We did an hour body pump class and although we will never know what happened in that hour, when we came back, the babies were all smiles. And covered in mum-mums. 

And I felt fantastic. And feel more fantastic with each visit.

I can’t say enough about the JUMP program that GoodLife Fitness offers.  Rory actually smiles and REACHES OUT for these women when I bring him to the gym now. I can’t tell you how good that makes me feel.  He gets some social time with his new girlfriends and I get to sweat it out.  As Charlie Sheen would say – that’s winning for me these days.  Alone time, exercise, a well socialized and very happy baby, and eventually fitting into my summer dresses that I wore before my wedding. 

Wish me luck. I am banking on the gym trips and a 30 day cleanse to have me looking like a new woman by the time the snow melts in my front yard.

Other than that the only news I have to share is Rory's graduation from Baby Music Class. Too cute. Certificate below.  A bit ridiculous, but makes me feel like a good mom. :)

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