Monday, July 16, 2012

We've got ourselves a roller!

Egan rolled today from his back to his tummy! Three times!!  YAY for our little man. At 3.5 months Egan is just becoming the sweetest little boy.  He's all smiles, just like his big bro was at this age, giggles all the time, and just blows us away at how strong he is!  How cute is our little monkey?

Stride this!

Rory got his very own Strider Bike! After not really knowing what to get him for his 2nd birthday, we found our answer when he fell in love with his cousin Noa's bike at her birthday party.  He didn't get off it the entire time we were there!  We had seen kids in our neighbourhood on these bikes, but given he got a trike for easter we didn't really want to spend the money on a new bike.  But... in a few hours he spent more time on Noa's bike than he's ever on his trike... so we put it on kijiji and bought Rory this!

The Strider bike is a no pedal balance bike for toddlers. It teaches them the fundamentals of biking - which is really about balance and makes an easy transition to a bike with pedals (skipping the training wheel step).   How cool eh?  It's so much fun to take him out in the neighbourhood and watch him go on this bike. And the best part is... it weighs almost nothing. When he gets tired I can still carry him AND the bike home.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

sweet sweet sleep

This little monkey....

Has officially SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! Once.  And counting (hopefully). The night before last, Egan shocked us all and slept from 7pm until 4am!  That's 9 hours!!  He then ate, and slept again until 7am. Gosh I love 3 month olds. :)

hey brother, I just need to make a quick call from your exersaucer phone k? 
I'll let the stork know mom isn't giving you back now that you're sleeping.

Monday, July 2, 2012

A Longggg Weekend

We've had a super busy and super fun long weekend!  Since this is pretty much how I am keeping track of our lives through pictures, I thought I may as well post some highlights on a rare occasion that both my boys are sleeping ever so peacefully upstairs. Cue a cry...

Splash Pad fun with cousins!

On to the park!


Ice cream! What a mess!
Date night! @ the Claytone's CD release, Peter shaved his face!!!!!


Time with Grumpa and Gram
Lots of relaxin!

THREE Months!

Our not so little Egan celebrated his THREE month mesoversary on Canada Day!  We've had a jammed pack weekend celebrating little Noa's first birthday, and all the other typical long weekend shennanigans (swimming, fireworks, bonfires, bbqs etc).

So, Egan has found his "voice" so to speak in the last couple of days. There is nothing he enjoys more than squealing at the top of his lungs now!  Day by day this little boy gets stronger too... can you believe he was in an exersaucer at this cousin's birthday party and rocked it like a regular 4-5 month old?  Look at this kid?!  Strongest 3 month old on the block... and only getting up ONCE a night now! HOORAY!

More long weekend fun!

Rory and Noa celebrating at Noa's birthday party
Little Noa is ONE now!
Rory testing out (for 3/4 of the party) Noa's new bike.  He LOVED this bike.

So, we bought one today as a belated gift for Rory for his birthday. His trike is officially on kijiji. :)

I love long weekends!