Monday, July 2, 2012

THREE Months!

Our not so little Egan celebrated his THREE month mesoversary on Canada Day!  We've had a jammed pack weekend celebrating little Noa's first birthday, and all the other typical long weekend shennanigans (swimming, fireworks, bonfires, bbqs etc).

So, Egan has found his "voice" so to speak in the last couple of days. There is nothing he enjoys more than squealing at the top of his lungs now!  Day by day this little boy gets stronger too... can you believe he was in an exersaucer at this cousin's birthday party and rocked it like a regular 4-5 month old?  Look at this kid?!  Strongest 3 month old on the block... and only getting up ONCE a night now! HOORAY!

More long weekend fun!

Rory and Noa celebrating at Noa's birthday party
Little Noa is ONE now!
Rory testing out (for 3/4 of the party) Noa's new bike.  He LOVED this bike.

So, we bought one today as a belated gift for Rory for his birthday. His trike is officially on kijiji. :)

I love long weekends!

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