Thursday, June 28, 2012


It's funny, I remember friends telling us back when we were pregnant with Rory that after three months a baby gets easier.  I tried to keep that in the back of my mind on all the hard days with Rory. Almost like a mantra "three months, three months, just make it to three months".  As we got closer to three months I worried that the three month rule of baby-ease would not hold true for us... but you know what? Almost over night, it did.

Egan is a-l-m-o-s-t... three months... and day by day he is getting easier (not of course counting last night because it was a total circus).  So what is our little cutie up to these days?  Well... he can pull straight up to standing from a lying down position! I know right?!  Doesn't it feel early for that?  I wouldn't actually know because I don't have the time to read "what to expect in the first year" anymore. :)  He can squeal and giggle in delight. He's very ticklish, which I take full advantage of.  He has the strongest baby neck in the valley, I am sure of it.  He's so strong, that he's already sitting like a champ in his bumbo!

He likes story time with his brother and dad at the end of the day...
He likes sharing a bath with his brother (almost most of the time)

He likes hanging out in Rory's crib. For at least 2 minutes post nap time.

He LOVES being outside, although you can't tell from this picture

And he just gets cuter everyday! Don't you think?

Rory and him are still best buds. When Rory talks to Egan, Egan laughs and smiles now.   Moments like those make me super happy we had kids 22 month apart. Just those moments though. kidding kidding.  I know they will best buds doing a lot of the same things at the same time, which was the point of having them close and which makes me excited for the future.

TGIF. Oh wait, it's only Thursday. In that case, is daddy home yet?


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