Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Favourites

I absolutely love this time of year!! The warm weather by day and cool weather by night, the fall colours  as the landscape changes from green to vibrant reds, oranges and yellows, and I absolutely love fall food!  There is nothing better than pumpkin, squash, root vegetables, turkey and basically anything to do with the harvest!

Of course, this time of year also reminds me of our wedding and upcoming anniversary!  Anyway, we'd like to make it a tradition to visit an apple orchard and pumpkin patch at this time of year with the kids. So with a random Friday off together this past week, we headed out to Miller's Farm and Market just outside of Manotick to see what they have to offer.

We learned that week days are pretty quiet at pumpkin patches around here... we will have to go back on the weekend if we want to take advantage of the wagon rides. Nevertheless, we had lots of fun checking out the corn maze, pumpkins, gourds and squashes and jumping on the bales of hay!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Egan on the move!

Everything changed in our house on Thursday of this past week... our little Egan took flight!  To our amazement, 5 days shy of his 6 month mesiversary Egan has started to crawl!!!!

For about a month now we have been commenting from time to time that he looked like he could crawl any day, but it really did still come as a huge surprise when he finally put it all together earlier this week. What a strong and determined little guy we have. He just can't wait to be able to run after his big brother!  One thing is for sure... we need to put small pieces away now and Rory needs to be ready to share his toys, FAST.

Here is our little monkey on the move! I love this kid.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sweet Egan gets baptized!

Our sweet little boy was baptized this past Sunday here at Holy Name of Mary Parish in Almonte.  We had the baptism along with two of my cousins and their children. Ange and Dan (Tessa), and Pam and Chris (Colton).   Believe it or not, Egan actually fit into Rory's baptism outfit!  A little snugger than what it was on Rory, but so cute that they both got to wear this little ensemble.

It was a lovely day of friends and family who all gathered back here for food and wine to celebrate.  How cute is this little guy?

Egan's "moment"

A cake for all the baptized babies!
Egan's very tired big brother post celebration!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My big boy

The fall has brought changes for our big boy!  Rory started Nursery School, and is also going to be beginning a very slow transition with a new (fantastic) home daycare as well. This is all of course in preparation of me going back to work eventually and getting him out with kids his age this winter when I am stuck inside for the most part with Egan.

As September approached I definitely had anxiety about the changes ahead for all of us. Rory has been home now with me since February, and I was worried that these last several months would have brought a new sense of attachment to me and being at home. But... just like in every other situation this little boy has amazed us with his bravery and ability to so easily adjust to new situations and people.  He is loving the extra playtime and different stimulation. It's fascinating and so exciting to hear him talk about things we haven't taught him, and I love having him home with me in all the moments in between.

My mom keeps reminding me that you never get this time back, that your babies are only babies for such a short period of time. Embrace it... even the hard days.  I am super happy to say that it's getting so much easier to do that. I am totally at ease with two at home, and we're getting out a lot more now and having so much fun together. I just love the fall!!

Here's to a beautiful Autumn for all.

Off to nursery school!

I think his back pack is almost as heavy as him!

Sand table at nursery school!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Egan is FIVE months

Five whole months have passed by with this little monkey!  Our little Egan is such a happy guy... and dare I say it. He is EASY.  Such a cuddly baby, he is all laughs and smiles and giggles, and is just the sweetest thing if I do say so myself. He loves his mom and dad and brother so much... but especially his brother. Nothing makes him laugh harder these days than watching his brother jump, or make noises and faces at him. It has been a big few weeks for this little guy. He is sitting on his own now, and we're just beginning to start him on some solids, which we feel like he was born ready for.   He is working HARD on crawling, it won't be long!  Today he had is knees up!!  God help us all.

Five months is clearly a whole lotta fun!

And that was Summer!

Wow.  I haven't been on here in well over a month!  Time flies when you have little of it to spare I guess. August literally flew by in a flurry of weddings, weekend trips, and full days with my little guys at home.  The free time I had with just one, is now taken by the other, and blogging has just been very low on the totem pole. But in a promise that I would have a keepsake for Egan as well, I need to get my blogging mojo back!

We have just returned from our first vacation as a family of four, and we had such an awesome week. We rented a cottage on Golden Lake, and we honestly couldn't have chosen a better vacation spot for the age of the kids we have.

A cozy little cottage became our home for the week after Labour Day.  Rory was a super champ and napped and slept fantastic in a playpen, as did Egan.  The cottage was literally steps from a sandy beach, so when Egan was down we could all still be playing and swimming outside, and when the kids went down we could enjoy bonfires on the beach and wine on the porch. We even had fire in the fireplace on evening it was raining and cold. So cozy!

Lots of laughs, lots of dancing and playtime, and lots of great food and wine.  I love my boys!
Cozy mornings together!
Swimming with daddy!
Little Egan about to try solids for the first time.
Dump trucks, diggers, and sand castles
Brother Love
Beach Smiles
Rory's first bonfire!
A raining day soccer game, GOAL!
Cuddles with Daddy!
Baby and mommy on the beach
The Golden Lake
Keeping cool with a popsicle on the porch
Dinner dance party!
Brother Snuggles!
Fire Truck!!

Golden Sunsets, a perfect family vacation!