Monday, September 10, 2012

Egan is FIVE months

Five whole months have passed by with this little monkey!  Our little Egan is such a happy guy... and dare I say it. He is EASY.  Such a cuddly baby, he is all laughs and smiles and giggles, and is just the sweetest thing if I do say so myself. He loves his mom and dad and brother so much... but especially his brother. Nothing makes him laugh harder these days than watching his brother jump, or make noises and faces at him. It has been a big few weeks for this little guy. He is sitting on his own now, and we're just beginning to start him on some solids, which we feel like he was born ready for.   He is working HARD on crawling, it won't be long!  Today he had is knees up!!  God help us all.

Five months is clearly a whole lotta fun!

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