Monday, May 28, 2012

A Shaughnessy Family Welcome

On Saturday of this past weekend we made a very brave maiden voyage to Peterborough with both kids to introduce Egan to some of the Shaughnessy family.  Peter's parents hosted a really nice afternoon get together and I sadly took embarrassingly  very few photos.  I guess that happens a lot these days... my hands are often full and there isn't a lot of opportunity for pictures. Thank goodness for Peter's iPhone or I am not sure there would be many pictures of little Egan!

The yummy black forest cake - minus a few pieces

Rory and Emily play ball together, and meet for the first time!

Peter and his Grandpa! Checking out the neighbours property.
Peter's great aunt Marilyn and Egan
Egan and the "greats"!

Rory playing with the new birthday trucks from Laney and Jules!
They are a HUGE hit!!

Thank you for such a wonderful party and the warm welcome for Egan!  AND... for the wonderful gifts and wishes.  I bet you're wondering how the kids travelled?  Well... let's just say it wasn't a total disaster. Believe it or not, Egan faired MUCH better than Rory. I think it will be a little bit before we hit the road again. Or at least travel so much in one day!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

May comes to an end

Time is passing so quickly!  It's hard to believe Egan is almost 2 months and Rory is almost two years!  Where did April and May go?  Where did the last two years go?  The days seem to be flying by in a blur of diapers, bottles and play dates in the sun, and these two little guys get bigger by the day.

Egan honestly surprises us every day. In so many ways he doesn't feel like an 8 week old. Aside from the fact he's wearing 3-6 month old clothes, he is such a strong little guy and doing so many things that we don't really remember Rory doing at 8 weeks. He can pretty much hold his head up on his own now, he stands on your legs when placed there, he is super alert with lots of smiles and little laughs, and he has even ROLLED on his own.  What the what?!  They say the second child tries to keep up with your first, but 8 weeks seems early for that!  Other than that, we seem to hear that Egan looks like me a lot more than we ever heard with Rory. (I always got that Rory looks like Peter)

What do you think?

Rory is just the sweetest big brother to Egan. The love and affection he shows his little brother every day is amazing. And really THAT is sometimes what gets us through the tough moments. Like lack of sleep. So far... we have seen very few signs of jealously. He gets excited when he sees Egan doing something new and asks almost every day if Egan can have some of his lunch, play with his trains and trucks, and even asks Peter and I to give Egan kisses. And if Egan is sleeping or he doesn't see him, he asks me where he is.

So while Rory waits patiently for his little brother to grow big enough to play with... we are enjoying all the new things he is doing and saying!

Play date with cousin Cole
Back yard pool fun
Wagon Rides!
Porch dinners
First time playing with the sprinkler!
Meeting cousin Emily for the first time!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

23 Months

It's hard to believe this little monkey is turning TWO next month. He is the most amazing little boy these days... and a total handful. He's curious, a natural explorer and incredibly independent.  We can't wait to celebrate next month!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Operation - Baby in his own room

It's sad and exciting all at the same time! We've decided to transition Egan to his own room.  Yes, he's only 7 weeks old, but he is a big baby and he is quickly out growing his little bassinet!! And he is also a loud little guy. He grunts and kicks and makes all sort of funny sounds at night that I listen to instead of sleeping... and fret over, and turn the light on to see if he's ok...  So, I think this is going to be good for both of us.  He might just like the extra space and less frequent interruptions to his sleep mojo from his mom.

And... we put Rory in his own crib around the same time and he started sleeping through the night at 3 months. So here's hoping.

So, he's up there right now and I have my new monitor attached to my hip. He looked around for a bit when I first put him down, and then he peacefully fell asleep.  I think he likes it in there.

I probably just jinxed myself.

The blogging diet

If I am honest, it's the only diet I've REALLY been on as of late. :)

So I haven't been blogging.  Obviously.  I'll be honest here... I think I under estimated how busy I would be with two kids.  I know right? Huge shocker. What likely seemed painfully obvious to YOU, clearly wasn't to me. I guess I really do (read - DID) *think* I can do it all.   And it really leaves me wondering exactly how drunk I was when I decided telling my husband I wanted another baby was the best idea I've ever had.  kidding kidding.

Things are going well. Most of the time.  But having two kids IS different. It's hard, and awesome all at the same time. We can go from moments of simultaneous tears to Rory giving Egan kisses and boundless affection all in 5 minutes.  And in those moments if there was a narrator in my head it would go from "Oh my god what was I thinking" to... "having two boys so close in age is going to be so amazing as they grow, I love my little family so much".

Anyway, the last two weeks have been a bit crazy.  Egan's at that transitional stage of newborn - I like to call it the "difficult" stage.  :)  You know, where he no longer falls asleep so easily when he is eating and is a little more "work" to get down. And the balancing act of managing both of their needs can be tough... But Egan smiles now, and that always melts my sleep deprived heart. And Rory talks now, and when he says "Hi my little baba", I want to squeeze them both forever.

Good thing.

I guess one thing is for sure... if having children 21 1/2 months apart wasn't the best idea I've ever had, certainly moving home to this little town where the majority of my close family and friends are ( read - my MOM) BEFORE said second child arrived DEFINITELY was. I miss my Toronto family, but in moments of craziness when you have kids, I just really love my mom.  And especially love how close she is.

I should have posted about Mother's Day.  But I didn't... I probably slept instead, but I would have summed it all up by saying something like - thank God these kids are cute.  And thank God the weather is getting nicer.

And that I really do love being a mom.


Egan - 6 weeks

Rory 23 months 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

One Month

And what a good little "baba" Egan is. Super content, super cute, and getting super big!

It might be a bad habit to start frequently comparing my little guys, but this was Rory at one month if you're interested... and then when he fit into the same outfit Egan has on.

I've been told by several people now that they think Egan looks like me. That RARELY ever happened when Rory was a baby. We were always told how much he looks like Peter.  What do you think?

Lovin' this little baby...