Monday, May 28, 2012

A Shaughnessy Family Welcome

On Saturday of this past weekend we made a very brave maiden voyage to Peterborough with both kids to introduce Egan to some of the Shaughnessy family.  Peter's parents hosted a really nice afternoon get together and I sadly took embarrassingly  very few photos.  I guess that happens a lot these days... my hands are often full and there isn't a lot of opportunity for pictures. Thank goodness for Peter's iPhone or I am not sure there would be many pictures of little Egan!

The yummy black forest cake - minus a few pieces

Rory and Emily play ball together, and meet for the first time!

Peter and his Grandpa! Checking out the neighbours property.
Peter's great aunt Marilyn and Egan
Egan and the "greats"!

Rory playing with the new birthday trucks from Laney and Jules!
They are a HUGE hit!!

Thank you for such a wonderful party and the warm welcome for Egan!  AND... for the wonderful gifts and wishes.  I bet you're wondering how the kids travelled?  Well... let's just say it wasn't a total disaster. Believe it or not, Egan faired MUCH better than Rory. I think it will be a little bit before we hit the road again. Or at least travel so much in one day!

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