Sunday, May 27, 2012

May comes to an end

Time is passing so quickly!  It's hard to believe Egan is almost 2 months and Rory is almost two years!  Where did April and May go?  Where did the last two years go?  The days seem to be flying by in a blur of diapers, bottles and play dates in the sun, and these two little guys get bigger by the day.

Egan honestly surprises us every day. In so many ways he doesn't feel like an 8 week old. Aside from the fact he's wearing 3-6 month old clothes, he is such a strong little guy and doing so many things that we don't really remember Rory doing at 8 weeks. He can pretty much hold his head up on his own now, he stands on your legs when placed there, he is super alert with lots of smiles and little laughs, and he has even ROLLED on his own.  What the what?!  They say the second child tries to keep up with your first, but 8 weeks seems early for that!  Other than that, we seem to hear that Egan looks like me a lot more than we ever heard with Rory. (I always got that Rory looks like Peter)

What do you think?

Rory is just the sweetest big brother to Egan. The love and affection he shows his little brother every day is amazing. And really THAT is sometimes what gets us through the tough moments. Like lack of sleep. So far... we have seen very few signs of jealously. He gets excited when he sees Egan doing something new and asks almost every day if Egan can have some of his lunch, play with his trains and trucks, and even asks Peter and I to give Egan kisses. And if Egan is sleeping or he doesn't see him, he asks me where he is.

So while Rory waits patiently for his little brother to grow big enough to play with... we are enjoying all the new things he is doing and saying!

Play date with cousin Cole
Back yard pool fun
Wagon Rides!
Porch dinners
First time playing with the sprinkler!
Meeting cousin Emily for the first time!

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