Friday, April 27, 2012

Rory or Egan

Same outfit... but one of these little guys is 4 weeks old, and the other is 10 weeks!

Guess who is who?

baby #1

 baby #2

Answer - Egan is baby #1, Rory is #2

Monday, April 23, 2012

22 Months

And becoming such a little boy. We're surprised every day now by something Rory says, or does. He is just growing up so fast and understands so much now.  He's the greatest little brother to little Egan and has hit this really wonderful stage of independent play just in the nick of time.  He is fascinated by everything train and truck related right now, which I am taking full advantage of as we get through the newborn haze of feeding round the clock.

Peter had to work most of the weekend, so we took advantage of his Friday off and the rainy weather by taking Rory and Egan to a local train yard. It pretty much blew his little mind. There was a lot of  "WHOAs" and he even was lucky enough to get a few waves from the conductors that came through.

And back to him understanding so much... he hasn't touched his Elmo doll in months but yesterday insisted that he be diapered and sat and fed him a bottle for well over 10 minutes while I was feeding his little brother. He then put him to sleep in Egan's bassinet.  :)

My two little monkeys

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Three Weeks

Can you believe that this little monkey will be 3 weeks old on Sunday?

It actually feels like little Egan has been here for so much longer than three weeks. We've settled into being a family of four quite easily, I have to admit. Rory loves his little brother, the sleep deprivation doesn't seem to be as bad the second time around, and I actually find it MUCH easier to care for a newborn and a toddler, than being pregnant and chasing a toddler. 

Egan so far is a super content little guy.  We're getting out a lot for walks in the sunshine, things are good. 

Caring for two under two means 24-7 full time parenting. It's like parenting on over drive but surprisingly I am faring pretty well and actually took the two of them to chapters this week on my own and even BBQ'd dinner tonight.  With that said, when I do nail a simultaneous nap I am definitely taking advantage of it.  

For whatever reason I seem to be stopping more often and appreciating how little there two little guys are. Maybe that's an easier thing to do with your second because you spend much less time fretting about all the things you learn the first time around. I know the basics and I also know they won't be small forever, and I am so happy to have this time with them.

The best part about Egan being here is that every day post pregnancy, I feel that much better. It's no secret that pregnancy doesn't really agree with me... my energy is increasing every day as I shed this baby weight and I actually am starting to feel pretty awesome.  

Today we were at the park by 9:15am.  Yes, you get your sh*t together quickly when your day starts at 6am with a toddler in tow raring to go.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Brother Love

Some say the greatest gift you can give a little boy, is a brother. This is certainly proving true for our little boys. Rory is absolutely in love and fascinated with his little brother Egan. Each day we have these super tender moments together, and its those moments that make all the sleep deprived ones worth it and make us happy we made the decision to have them close together.

Rory asks often to hold his brother, and offers kisses and hugs non stop through out the day. 

I know they are going to fight, and I know they will run me ragged over the years... but for now I am just totally enjoying being in love with these two little guys and the time we have together to watch them grow.


Monday, April 9, 2012

The first Easter Egg Hunt

You can do a lot at almost 22 months that a newborn can't do. One of which is find and pick up Easter Eggs!  Rory understands so much these days, which makes holidays like Easter that much more fun.  We didn't so much have a "hunt" this year, but the Easter Bunny did leave a trail of eggs to something very special for Rory to learn to ride this spring/summer.

Let the games begin!

For some reason Rory skipped all of these and headed straight for the living room?  
I wonder how he knew there was something waiting for him there?

Sweet new ride. 

And little Egan is doing great. He LOVES being outside, and especially stroller walks which I know is going to save my sanity when Peter goes back to work next week.

Our double stroller is a major hit with everyone in the family.

Look at this little guy?! 
What a beautiful Easter Weekend!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

And then there was four

Tomorrow marks our little Egan's one week birth-day milestone.  Time seems to be flying by!  So much to say... and so little energy to say it.  Actually at this point I really can't complain at all. So far, we have a very good little baby in our home, and our entire family has settled in very quickly. Rory loves his little "baba" or his "Agan", and we're all actually getting a pretty decent amount of sleep.  I do remember from the first time around though, these things can change very quickly.

Our sweet little Egan was born at 2:03pm on Sunday April 1st.  If someone told me a month ago we would have an April baby I would have told them they were crazy.  After spending the entire month of March feeling like I was going into labour at any minute... I will tell anyone and everyone, that when a doctor tells you that "this could happen any day", they really have no idea.  Case in point.

Egan's birth story is a little less dramatic than Rory's induction tale... but probably will be the one closest in my mind if we are ever crazy/insane enough to have a third. I'll tell you why.

Saturday morning (the 31st - and 3 days over due), I woke around 3am with pains that definitely felt like labour. Having never done this before (gone into labour on my own), Peter and I tried to remember as much as we could from our pre-natal classes two years ago, and began timing my contractions.  As they began to get closer together we called the labour and delivery floor at the hospital to ask them what to do? They told us to come in, so we arrived around 7am and I was SO excited that it was FINALLY happening.  With my bag packed and resting at my feet as I was examined, wouldn't you know it... my "labour" stops.  Just. like. that.  Gone.  No more contractions.

I was devastated. It was false labour.

Fast forward maybe ten minutes later and the on call obstetrician comes in to examine me further, and actually says these words "Your baby is still super high honey. Like way up in North Bay high",  "This isn't happening today, and probably not tomorrow either".

Total devastation.

Embarrassed, and so so disappointed we went home.  Actually we didn't go home, we went for a huge walk and had a lovely family lunch and sunny drive through the country. All the while I was feeling that I honestly could be the one woman who would be pregnant for the rest of her life.

I continued having "contractions" through Saturday and Saturday night, and on Sunday at about 4am they were definitely A LOT stronger and very regular.  MUCH stronger than the early morning before.  We called the hospital again and the nurses told us to come in and on our way out the door my water broke.  YES!!! This is FINALLY REALLY happening.

So I will spare you a great deal of the details but in nut shell my epidural didn't work, and after about 8 hours of labour I have a whole new respect for anyone that truly does child birth "naturally". 

Especially by choice.  

But... I will tell you that I feel REALLY good for one week post birth and THAT apparently is the plus side of not having a ton of drugs in your body and a local anesthetic. I walked to my room 25 minutes after delivery and felt really quite good considering what had just happened.  I'll leave it at that, but I should say how AMAZING the hospital in Almonte is. What a dream compared to Mount Sinai. 

So the good part... Egan is just the sweetest little thing. He is a very content little baby and break your heart cute if I do say so myself.  He looks a lot like his older brother did as a baby, but like at 6 weeks old when Rory was a similar size.  So many crazy thoughts go through your head in pregnancy, especially when you're adding to your already happy family.  Will I love this baby as much as the perfect one I already have?  Will having another baby make Rory feel left out, or put aside?  What if we have a boy, will that be hard?  Does having a boy already make me want a little girl? And then what if it is a boy? How will we manage with two?

And then this little face is here and staring up at yours. This little precious person is put in your arms, and you instantly love them just like your first. Just like before, you love them like you have never loved anything before.  And you're so happy that THIS baby is yours.

Egan is the perfect addition to our family.  We are so excited for these two little boys to grow up together. Now that he is here, we have been told by so many how awesome it is to watch two little boys grow side by side. We honestly could not be happier. Everything works out as it should be.

I'll have more updates as we travel through this baby phase again, but one week down and the four of us seem to be keeping it together quite well.

Some of our favourite pictures to share.

Rory seems like such a big boy now!!! He is almost 22 months and so much fun!

He's ALL about his trains...

Floating on his back in the tub!
If it isn't trains, it's trucks these days.
loving time with daddy while he's off

Maiden voyage in the double stroller together!