Monday, April 9, 2012

The first Easter Egg Hunt

You can do a lot at almost 22 months that a newborn can't do. One of which is find and pick up Easter Eggs!  Rory understands so much these days, which makes holidays like Easter that much more fun.  We didn't so much have a "hunt" this year, but the Easter Bunny did leave a trail of eggs to something very special for Rory to learn to ride this spring/summer.

Let the games begin!

For some reason Rory skipped all of these and headed straight for the living room?  
I wonder how he knew there was something waiting for him there?

Sweet new ride. 

And little Egan is doing great. He LOVES being outside, and especially stroller walks which I know is going to save my sanity when Peter goes back to work next week.

Our double stroller is a major hit with everyone in the family.

Look at this little guy?! 
What a beautiful Easter Weekend!

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