Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Roll on Rory!

After two weeks of tummy time boot camp, we have ourselves a roller! I was determined to get Rory to love being on his tummy before he turned 3 months old, so we have been working hard at it. I read on-line for tummy-time haters that you should try putting them on their tummy every time you change their diaper (even if just for 2 minutes). Well... Rory goes through A LOT of diapers, so clearly that did the trick! Rory rolled for his first time yesterday, twice in a row! The first time I was convinced it was a total fluke, so I immediately put him back down and he did it again right away! This morning the little monkey was all smiles so we put him down on his mat and he rolled for his dad just before Peter headed out the door. I don't know who was beaming bigger, Rory or Peter!  Today it was non-stop rolls. Honestly, getting him to STAY on his stomach will now be our challenge. I think he has perfected his roll to make sure he can permanently graduate from our school of tummy time.


This little guy is becoming more fun every single day we spend together now.  Along with rolling his has perfected his laugh and giggle, which makes me laugh, and then he laughs harder, and then it quickly spirals out of control and ends with hiccups and spit up.  And then we change his clothes. again. And I love it.

I never thought I would be so happy to see a roll (more on losing my baby weight in a future post).

"I need no nap mom"

Monday, September 27, 2010


Recently I had 800 prints made from a collection of digital photos we have taken in the last 2 ½ years. I have seriously neglected this task over the years and upon being asked to bring photos of Rory into my office (and being ashamed I had not printed a single one) I officially had my motivation to sort our photos and get it done. Included in the mix of prints were candid shots from our wedding and our honeymoon pictures. Today I completed our honeymoon album as the last of my prints arrived by post and it totally has me reminiscing and also longing for a holiday. Peter and I took an incredible three week honeymoon in Portugal and the South of Spain and flipping through these pictures has reminded me just how much fun we had on that trip together.  God we laughed. We were ridiculous. We had inside jokes, we were silly… we were very silly. We weren’t on a schedule… and we were spontaneous. I am sure these will forever be some of the happiest moments of my life.   As we approach our one year anniversary next month, it amazes me everything we have been through in such a short time. It also makes me thankful for the man I married and the relationship we have.  

 As we come through the haze of “newbornness”, I am excited to see where the adventure of being parents takes us. I am also excited for our first over-night trip alone together we’re planning to celebrate our anniversary. Excited and nervous but more on that later.   

Anyway, today’s reminiscing reminded me that we all need moments like this. Moments to laugh, and to love, and to take the weight of the day to day off a bit. Maybe not a three week one… but an over-night will do just fine.  We took a lot of pictures, it's impossible to show you all my favourites. But this will give you a flavour.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

3 Months of Growing

What a difference three months makes... in many ways. The more obvious ways of measuring the changes and milestones we've been through over the last 14 weeks is of course in the way Rory has grown. Check these out...

The less obvious ways to measure are the changes in Peter and I, and our confidence at being parents and even husband & wife with a child.  We're all doing really well. I am not sure what has happened in the last couple of weeks but like I said earlier, we're hitting some sort of stride as a family.  There have been many "moments" over the last three months, moments of pure joy and happiness, moments of laughter and awe, but without a doubt there also have been moments of doubt, sadness, loneliness and uncertainty about our new life and what the future would bring.   Anyway, they say you quickly forget about the first three months, not sure I will, but if I do... I have this post.  They in many ways were without a doubt some of the best and most significant moments of my life, and they also at times flat out sucked.  Looking back now, I wouldn't change a thing. I love this kid inside and out and our lives wouldn't be complete without him. Cheers to the roller-coaster of love and emotion it is to be new parents, and a new mom.  And Happy three month birthday Rory. We love you lots.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nine to Five!

One day short of his 3 month birthday and our little guy officially has SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!  Once. And counting. :)  Last night we put Rory down at 9pm after his bath and feeding (later than typical because we had been out with a friend for dinner) and he didn't wake up until  5:00AM!!!  He fed, and then he went back down until 7:30AM?!!!   I know, I can hardly believe it myself. It's been a funny week, Rory is definitely giving us cues that he is growing, developing, ready to eat more, and now last night... (cross your fingers it's not a fluke) sleep through the night.  Hooray!   Of course... Peter and I didn't sleep through the night. I think I was up and in his room three times over the course of the evening.   Coincidentally, I reminded Rory of a conversation we had a few weeks back yesterday. He loves ceiling fans, and I told him that when he starts sleeping through the night, we would buy him one. Now... this doesn't just involve changing a light fixture. His room doesn't even have a light fixture, so it involves an electrician coming to do some work here. Who knows, maybe motivational bribes work on 3-month olds after all. Whatever works! Anyway, guess who is delighted to be shopping for a light fixture for Rory's room this weekend!

Here is on his play-mat this morning, all smiles.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Full of crap

It's 9am on the nose and my son has already peed on me and had such a monstrous poo that I have had to BATH him for the same reason for the SECOND day in a row.  (maybe he just likes two baths a day?) And he did it all with the huge laughs and grins that he gives us almost all day long these days. As revolting as it was to be literally hosing my child down, I couldn't help but laugh at him. Then I poured myself my 4th cup of coffee. Without milk this time. So what did you do before 9am?

Things have been going really well for us these days (knock on wood). We're approaching the three month mark on Thursday of this week and just like everyone said, we're definitely hitting some sort of milestone. Rory's schedule and sleep is getting more predictable and we're even getting some consistency in his 5 or now even 6 hour intervals (ok, the 6 hour sleep has only happened once, but here's hoping). We seem to be hitting a comfortable stride as a family, Rory is all laughs and smiles and is starting to do little person things, and the best part is, we're getting out a lot more and perhaps starting to feel a bit more like ourselves. Whatever that means.

Last weekend I started going through all of Rory's clothes to pull out and pack up things that no longer fit him and it made me a bit sad... but we also found a couple of beauties that I forgot we had and so this week, I am dressing Rory up in them to make sure they get worn at least once. Check out this kimono style onzie. Rory puked on it within 20 minutes of this picture, so clearly not his fav. And he wasn't a big fan of the skinny leg jogging pants either. Those I made him wear all day though.

The only other thing we're focused on right now, is tummy time. Rory doesn't love being on his tummy so we're finding all kinds of creative ways for him to build those neck muscles.  I am not one to play along with the pressure people put on babies these days to be the most gifted or most developed baby on the block, I am of the school of thought that babies should be left to be babies, but sitting up and learning to roll seems like way more fun than just laying on your back?  So... we're doing what we can to at least give him the strength should he choose to do it one day.  We've started a rotation of different things (in lieu of just being placed on his tummy) and now Rory's head is up and at em', just like that. :) If only my baby weight would come off, just.like.that. Anyway, happy Tuesday!

Time for more coffee. xo

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mom to Mom

Despite us being all a bit under the weather, I ventured out this week to my very first mom's group. I will be honest, I wasn't sure if I was going to go right up until I went. I don't know why, but I was nervous. Nervous that I wouldn't like it, nervous that I wouldn't fit in, nervous that I would have nothing to share, and nervous that all the moms would be different from me and be the "I love absolutely everything about being a new mom, and my baby is so perfect and gifted, and everything is so AMAZING, and breastfeeding is so special and such a bonding experience and I had a total zen and natural birth" type of mom. Believe me, they are out there. I have met them, and they scare me.  Anyway off we went, sniffles and all, and I have to tell you... I LOVED every minute of it. I didn't want to leave. I don't know why I was so hesitant. I enjoy talking to my mom girlfriends so much about all that is new to life with a baby, why would these women be any different?

So, there are 16 of us in my group and yesterday we spent two hours sharing a little bit about ourselves, our baby, our birthing story, and some of the most rewarding and challenging things about being new moms/parents.  All I can tell you is how amazing, rewarding, relieving and helpful mom to mom talk can be.  As each woman spoke of their birthing story, their eyes welled with tears, everyone had a story. It really is a right of passage of sorts...knowing what you thought you knew about parenting or being a mom or birthing a baby but realize actually you didn't know it at all, after your baby arrives. Unexpected complications, emergency c-sections, breach babies, water/home birth plans gone awry, babies with colic, babies that don't sleep, babies that will only sleep ON their mom, premature complications, and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US had breastfeeding challenges.  And the other most refreshing thing I heard was each one of us is struggling to redefine who we are now that we are moms.   We made a list as a group of things we want to talk about over our 6 weeks together and also things we would like to do with our babies. The time is sort of divided in half... half spent on a discussion we're all interested in, and the other spent learning new games/songs/activities to do with our babies. So fun.

Anyway, today I just feel fortunate. Fortunate to live in a city where there are so many resources for moms and also fortunate that I have a baby that talked himself to sleep in his crib just a short hour ago. It made me love him just that much more today. :) 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I have got a sick baby...

So somewhere between Almonte and Toronto, Rory has picked up his first little virus. It breaks my heart to see the little guy not feeling so hot. He is congested and from the sounds of it, is having a hard time breathing.  Oh, and he has a bit of baby diarrhea.  To be honest, I think it's making me and Peter more sad than it is making him.  The good news is, he doesn't have a fever and after a quick trip to our pediatrician this morning his throat, chest and ears are fine too.  I felt a little silly today at the doctor's office. She literally spent like 5 minutes with us (albeit a thorough examination). When she finished checking Rory out and thankfully reporting that nothing really seems to be out of sorts with him besides his more obvious symptoms, I really did feel like a new mom. Should we have brought him in? I mean, I knew he didn't have a fever... but he definitely isn't himself. So, better safe than sorry right?

I am sure this is the first of many moments of uncertainty we will have as we make our way through the rookieness of being new parents and dealing with our children's health concerns. It's all a bit overwhelming, but certainly reassuring to know that we have professionals close by and accessible to help confirm our little guy is just fine.   So, one good thing that did come out of this is I spent some time getting myself familiar with our local pharmacist and baby isle of our local Shoppers Drugmart. Wow... things have come a long way since we were little and had colds. A warm bath and some Vicks on our feet and a kiss from mom used to cure what ailed us.  Our children can be treated with the likes of  Portable Vapor Vans (Picture one of those scented plug-ins for your wall socket), but this one is like the smallest vaporizer you have ever seen, plugs into your wall and gives off soothing vapours through out the night and has sort of a cherry-eucalyptus smell.  Or how about a soothing aroma vapor bath made by Johnson & Johnson (no tears, no less). It basically smells like you're taking a bath in cough drops. And... yes, if all else fells, Vick's even makes a BABY rub that is safe to rub on your little one's feet and chest, just like mom used to.

Rory is peacefully sleeping off his virus in his crib upstairs as I type... let's hope we have a peaceful night. Maybe I should have picked up some Nyquil for ma and pa? Or whiskey.

Check these out....Rory LOVED the vapor bath and the Vick's seemed to help too. I have learned I am a sucker for a promise of soothing and sleep. .None of it helped him sleep mind you.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Long Weekend Quiet Time & Sleep Catch Up

It's been a busy hot summer so we're taking this long weekend to ourselves, just the three of us, to unplug and RELAX. Rory has had a great week, he's a totally different baby from last week. He is sleeping well (comparatively), and seems much happier.  I am reading yet another book on sleep and even though every book I read says something different, the one thing that made the most sense to me this week was - that "sleep begets sleep meaning, good naps = good night time sleep.  This week, Rory has slept WAY more for me during the day, which has resulted in some great nights of 4 hour intervals of straight/solid sleep for all of us.  And while I know that it could be all different next week, I feel that much better about everything. Like I understand more. As soon as I decided to let this kid sleep where he wanted to sleep and stop forcing the crib during the day, he all of the sudden has slept better, longer and has been MUCH happier. Which contradicts some of the other stuff I have read such as "Start as you mean to go", or "sleep should be patterned and quiet, not in a moving car, or on a couch, or in a swing or stroller".   Anyway, my friend Josie called me Friday at such an appropriate moment... coming off of a week where I felt I had learned a little about my baby and what he was trying to tell me, she reinforced it with some of her own feelings and experiences and learning's that week and passed on this little bit of awesome wisdom. There are no bad habits in the first four months. You should have seen the smile that brought to my face. I love that moms share. The good and the bad. It makes this so much easier and fun.

We had my niece and nephew here for a whirlwind visit this week Wed-Friday. I still can't get over how much these two have grown. It all happens so quickly.

And speaking of growing... look at this little guy. Getting so big!

We're off to Almonte for our last wedding of the season and another extended visit. Can't wait. Until then...

Happy Long Weekend! Here's to a restful and safe weekend for everyone! XO

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Smile Baby Smile

We got Rory's proofs back from our first baby shoot last night. A little impromptu, but we think they turned out great!! What's unbelievable is how much Rory has grown since we had these taken... this shoot was only a month ago. It hit home the fact that these moments are passing in front of our eyes. These little ones are little only for short glimpses. It made me really enjoy my day with my little boy today, and hopefully all my days as we watch him grow and learn.  Rory is giving us huge smiles and laughs now, we can't wait to get some fantastic shots of the family this fall.