Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I have got a sick baby...

So somewhere between Almonte and Toronto, Rory has picked up his first little virus. It breaks my heart to see the little guy not feeling so hot. He is congested and from the sounds of it, is having a hard time breathing.  Oh, and he has a bit of baby diarrhea.  To be honest, I think it's making me and Peter more sad than it is making him.  The good news is, he doesn't have a fever and after a quick trip to our pediatrician this morning his throat, chest and ears are fine too.  I felt a little silly today at the doctor's office. She literally spent like 5 minutes with us (albeit a thorough examination). When she finished checking Rory out and thankfully reporting that nothing really seems to be out of sorts with him besides his more obvious symptoms, I really did feel like a new mom. Should we have brought him in? I mean, I knew he didn't have a fever... but he definitely isn't himself. So, better safe than sorry right?

I am sure this is the first of many moments of uncertainty we will have as we make our way through the rookieness of being new parents and dealing with our children's health concerns. It's all a bit overwhelming, but certainly reassuring to know that we have professionals close by and accessible to help confirm our little guy is just fine.   So, one good thing that did come out of this is I spent some time getting myself familiar with our local pharmacist and baby isle of our local Shoppers Drugmart. Wow... things have come a long way since we were little and had colds. A warm bath and some Vicks on our feet and a kiss from mom used to cure what ailed us.  Our children can be treated with the likes of  Portable Vapor Vans (Picture one of those scented plug-ins for your wall socket), but this one is like the smallest vaporizer you have ever seen, plugs into your wall and gives off soothing vapours through out the night and has sort of a cherry-eucalyptus smell.  Or how about a soothing aroma vapor bath made by Johnson & Johnson (no tears, no less). It basically smells like you're taking a bath in cough drops. And... yes, if all else fells, Vick's even makes a BABY rub that is safe to rub on your little one's feet and chest, just like mom used to.

Rory is peacefully sleeping off his virus in his crib upstairs as I type... let's hope we have a peaceful night. Maybe I should have picked up some Nyquil for ma and pa? Or whiskey.

Check these out....Rory LOVED the vapor bath and the Vick's seemed to help too. I have learned I am a sucker for a promise of soothing and sleep. .None of it helped him sleep mind you.

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