Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nine to Five!

One day short of his 3 month birthday and our little guy officially has SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!  Once. And counting. :)  Last night we put Rory down at 9pm after his bath and feeding (later than typical because we had been out with a friend for dinner) and he didn't wake up until  5:00AM!!!  He fed, and then he went back down until 7:30AM?!!!   I know, I can hardly believe it myself. It's been a funny week, Rory is definitely giving us cues that he is growing, developing, ready to eat more, and now last night... (cross your fingers it's not a fluke) sleep through the night.  Hooray!   Of course... Peter and I didn't sleep through the night. I think I was up and in his room three times over the course of the evening.   Coincidentally, I reminded Rory of a conversation we had a few weeks back yesterday. He loves ceiling fans, and I told him that when he starts sleeping through the night, we would buy him one. Now... this doesn't just involve changing a light fixture. His room doesn't even have a light fixture, so it involves an electrician coming to do some work here. Who knows, maybe motivational bribes work on 3-month olds after all. Whatever works! Anyway, guess who is delighted to be shopping for a light fixture for Rory's room this weekend!

Here is on his play-mat this morning, all smiles.

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