Saturday, September 4, 2010

Long Weekend Quiet Time & Sleep Catch Up

It's been a busy hot summer so we're taking this long weekend to ourselves, just the three of us, to unplug and RELAX. Rory has had a great week, he's a totally different baby from last week. He is sleeping well (comparatively), and seems much happier.  I am reading yet another book on sleep and even though every book I read says something different, the one thing that made the most sense to me this week was - that "sleep begets sleep meaning, good naps = good night time sleep.  This week, Rory has slept WAY more for me during the day, which has resulted in some great nights of 4 hour intervals of straight/solid sleep for all of us.  And while I know that it could be all different next week, I feel that much better about everything. Like I understand more. As soon as I decided to let this kid sleep where he wanted to sleep and stop forcing the crib during the day, he all of the sudden has slept better, longer and has been MUCH happier. Which contradicts some of the other stuff I have read such as "Start as you mean to go", or "sleep should be patterned and quiet, not in a moving car, or on a couch, or in a swing or stroller".   Anyway, my friend Josie called me Friday at such an appropriate moment... coming off of a week where I felt I had learned a little about my baby and what he was trying to tell me, she reinforced it with some of her own feelings and experiences and learning's that week and passed on this little bit of awesome wisdom. There are no bad habits in the first four months. You should have seen the smile that brought to my face. I love that moms share. The good and the bad. It makes this so much easier and fun.

We had my niece and nephew here for a whirlwind visit this week Wed-Friday. I still can't get over how much these two have grown. It all happens so quickly.

And speaking of growing... look at this little guy. Getting so big!

We're off to Almonte for our last wedding of the season and another extended visit. Can't wait. Until then...

Happy Long Weekend! Here's to a restful and safe weekend for everyone! XO

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