Monday, September 27, 2010


Recently I had 800 prints made from a collection of digital photos we have taken in the last 2 ½ years. I have seriously neglected this task over the years and upon being asked to bring photos of Rory into my office (and being ashamed I had not printed a single one) I officially had my motivation to sort our photos and get it done. Included in the mix of prints were candid shots from our wedding and our honeymoon pictures. Today I completed our honeymoon album as the last of my prints arrived by post and it totally has me reminiscing and also longing for a holiday. Peter and I took an incredible three week honeymoon in Portugal and the South of Spain and flipping through these pictures has reminded me just how much fun we had on that trip together.  God we laughed. We were ridiculous. We had inside jokes, we were silly… we were very silly. We weren’t on a schedule… and we were spontaneous. I am sure these will forever be some of the happiest moments of my life.   As we approach our one year anniversary next month, it amazes me everything we have been through in such a short time. It also makes me thankful for the man I married and the relationship we have.  

 As we come through the haze of “newbornness”, I am excited to see where the adventure of being parents takes us. I am also excited for our first over-night trip alone together we’re planning to celebrate our anniversary. Excited and nervous but more on that later.   

Anyway, today’s reminiscing reminded me that we all need moments like this. Moments to laugh, and to love, and to take the weight of the day to day off a bit. Maybe not a three week one… but an over-night will do just fine.  We took a lot of pictures, it's impossible to show you all my favourites. But this will give you a flavour.

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  1. have you ever listened to the dialogue at the end of If I Should Fall Behind? perfect. i love you beautiful xoxoxo