Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Roll on Rory!

After two weeks of tummy time boot camp, we have ourselves a roller! I was determined to get Rory to love being on his tummy before he turned 3 months old, so we have been working hard at it. I read on-line for tummy-time haters that you should try putting them on their tummy every time you change their diaper (even if just for 2 minutes). Well... Rory goes through A LOT of diapers, so clearly that did the trick! Rory rolled for his first time yesterday, twice in a row! The first time I was convinced it was a total fluke, so I immediately put him back down and he did it again right away! This morning the little monkey was all smiles so we put him down on his mat and he rolled for his dad just before Peter headed out the door. I don't know who was beaming bigger, Rory or Peter!  Today it was non-stop rolls. Honestly, getting him to STAY on his stomach will now be our challenge. I think he has perfected his roll to make sure he can permanently graduate from our school of tummy time.


This little guy is becoming more fun every single day we spend together now.  Along with rolling his has perfected his laugh and giggle, which makes me laugh, and then he laughs harder, and then it quickly spirals out of control and ends with hiccups and spit up.  And then we change his clothes. again. And I love it.

I never thought I would be so happy to see a roll (more on losing my baby weight in a future post).

"I need no nap mom"

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