Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Full of crap

It's 9am on the nose and my son has already peed on me and had such a monstrous poo that I have had to BATH him for the same reason for the SECOND day in a row.  (maybe he just likes two baths a day?) And he did it all with the huge laughs and grins that he gives us almost all day long these days. As revolting as it was to be literally hosing my child down, I couldn't help but laugh at him. Then I poured myself my 4th cup of coffee. Without milk this time. So what did you do before 9am?

Things have been going really well for us these days (knock on wood). We're approaching the three month mark on Thursday of this week and just like everyone said, we're definitely hitting some sort of milestone. Rory's schedule and sleep is getting more predictable and we're even getting some consistency in his 5 or now even 6 hour intervals (ok, the 6 hour sleep has only happened once, but here's hoping). We seem to be hitting a comfortable stride as a family, Rory is all laughs and smiles and is starting to do little person things, and the best part is, we're getting out a lot more and perhaps starting to feel a bit more like ourselves. Whatever that means.

Last weekend I started going through all of Rory's clothes to pull out and pack up things that no longer fit him and it made me a bit sad... but we also found a couple of beauties that I forgot we had and so this week, I am dressing Rory up in them to make sure they get worn at least once. Check out this kimono style onzie. Rory puked on it within 20 minutes of this picture, so clearly not his fav. And he wasn't a big fan of the skinny leg jogging pants either. Those I made him wear all day though.

The only other thing we're focused on right now, is tummy time. Rory doesn't love being on his tummy so we're finding all kinds of creative ways for him to build those neck muscles.  I am not one to play along with the pressure people put on babies these days to be the most gifted or most developed baby on the block, I am of the school of thought that babies should be left to be babies, but sitting up and learning to roll seems like way more fun than just laying on your back?  So... we're doing what we can to at least give him the strength should he choose to do it one day.  We've started a rotation of different things (in lieu of just being placed on his tummy) and now Rory's head is up and at em', just like that. :) If only my baby weight would come off, just.like.that. Anyway, happy Tuesday!

Time for more coffee. xo

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