Thursday, June 28, 2012


It's funny, I remember friends telling us back when we were pregnant with Rory that after three months a baby gets easier.  I tried to keep that in the back of my mind on all the hard days with Rory. Almost like a mantra "three months, three months, just make it to three months".  As we got closer to three months I worried that the three month rule of baby-ease would not hold true for us... but you know what? Almost over night, it did.

Egan is a-l-m-o-s-t... three months... and day by day he is getting easier (not of course counting last night because it was a total circus).  So what is our little cutie up to these days?  Well... he can pull straight up to standing from a lying down position! I know right?!  Doesn't it feel early for that?  I wouldn't actually know because I don't have the time to read "what to expect in the first year" anymore. :)  He can squeal and giggle in delight. He's very ticklish, which I take full advantage of.  He has the strongest baby neck in the valley, I am sure of it.  He's so strong, that he's already sitting like a champ in his bumbo!

He likes story time with his brother and dad at the end of the day...
He likes sharing a bath with his brother (almost most of the time)

He likes hanging out in Rory's crib. For at least 2 minutes post nap time.

He LOVES being outside, although you can't tell from this picture

And he just gets cuter everyday! Don't you think?

Rory and him are still best buds. When Rory talks to Egan, Egan laughs and smiles now.   Moments like those make me super happy we had kids 22 month apart. Just those moments though. kidding kidding.  I know they will best buds doing a lot of the same things at the same time, which was the point of having them close and which makes me excited for the future.

TGIF. Oh wait, it's only Thursday. In that case, is daddy home yet?


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Two Cool!

Our sweet little man Rory turned TWO this weekend.  How is it possible that we have a two year old?  That our little baby has become such a little boy?  A wonderful, curious, happy, independent little man actually.  Full of questions, love, and all with his own little personality (sometimes attitude!).

We celebrated Rory's second birthday by doing all the things he loves - most of which involved trains!

Here is how his birthday festivities shaped up... We LOVE you Rory!  You light up our lives.

Train pancakes for breakfast!

He hated them.
 Chasing train whistles on the back of daddy's bike, quick detour to look at the bus
Trains that way daddy!
Party and cake time!

 New backyard toys to keep me busy all summer long!
I loved my cake!
Not exactly what the pinhata was meant for, but it will do
 Second cutest boy at the party :)

And for the grand birthday finale a trip to the neighbouring vintage train yard!
What a weekend! If only turning 33 was THIS fun!

 A train lovin' boy.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

They don't make dads better than the one these little boys have been given.  Peter is nothing short of an amazing dad.  We had a great father's day weekend including our maiden visit to the local beach...

Which just happens to be right across the river from our house!

We love you daddy!!
A little father's day dancing
At the beach!

Our handsome sun babe

Best. Dad. Ever

Valley View Little Animal Farm

Summer is here and that means playmates!  My mom and I made a very brave day trip to Valley View Little Animal Farm  with the boys last week. What a SUPER fun place!  Animals, trains, trucks, sand, and popsicles... what more could a little boy ask for. :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sleep. Please.

Oh how quickly you forget what it feels like to be THIS sleep deprived. I honestly feel like I have been beaten. By my children. Or like I have been on some crazy hard core work out schedule. Which obviously I haven't been, but believe me when I say keeping up with a toddler and a 10 week old feels WAY worse than the ache I felt after my pre-wedding trainer work outs. Man-oh-man.

Anyway, Egan seems to be slowly turning some sort of sleep corner. Well, I am hopeful that's the case. We're getting pretty consistent 5 hour stretches from the little guy... they just don't happen to be when we are sleeping. His schedule seems to be 7pm-midnight, and then up every 2-3 hours after that. If only we could get him to move that long stretch to midnight-5am.

A good friend of mine said recently that your second child can be very humbling.  All the things you think you did "right" with your first child and patted yourself on the back thinking "I am such an awesome parent, my child sleeps through the night at 3 months". Along comes the second child and you realize - it was a total fluke.  Because if I had ANY idea how Rory slept through the night at 3 months, I'd sure as hell be following the program like a bible now.

Something interesting/different about Egan is that he needs to be swaddled. Rory hated the swaddle and fighting himself out of it actually made him wake up. Egan is the total opposite, if we don't swaddle him his hands wake him up. He is a busy little guy. Today he rolled 5 times. I can't keep him on his stomach!

Anyway... they make these really awesome things called "Swaddle Me" blankets that I have fallen totally in love with. They basically are straight jackets for babies and they are virtually impossible for a baby to get out of. And the best part is they make them big enough to swaddle a baby that is 20 lbs!
We *think* he loves it. But really we love how much better he sleeps since we found these.
Wouldn't you like to be swaddled for the night?  Me too.

10 weeks and counting!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Egan's Two Month Mensiversary

Our sweet little Egan is two months old!  We celebrated by taking him for his first needles. :(  Honestly, you'd think watching your little baby get needles would be easier with the second child. But I still cried. Egan cried harder though. And he was VERY sad all day... poor wee guy.

Other than needles, he is doing SUPER well. He is in the 95th percentile for height AND weight! If any of you remember how much I fretted over Rory's weight in the early days, you know how relieved and happy this makes me. Big babies are fun!  What else... He laughs now, he coos and talks as much as he moves around, he is pretty much holding his head up on this own, he has rolled three times from his tummy to his back, AND............ he has slept for a 5 hour stretch exactly twice. :)

We've been blessed with two very content little babies. They simply don't get sweeter than this little guy.

Rory teaching his little brother all about his digger and dump truck
Going for a spin on Rory's trike already!
Hugs from mommy

Egan's sad face :(  Isn't it hilarious?
Two months already!