Friday, June 1, 2012

Egan's Two Month Mensiversary

Our sweet little Egan is two months old!  We celebrated by taking him for his first needles. :(  Honestly, you'd think watching your little baby get needles would be easier with the second child. But I still cried. Egan cried harder though. And he was VERY sad all day... poor wee guy.

Other than needles, he is doing SUPER well. He is in the 95th percentile for height AND weight! If any of you remember how much I fretted over Rory's weight in the early days, you know how relieved and happy this makes me. Big babies are fun!  What else... He laughs now, he coos and talks as much as he moves around, he is pretty much holding his head up on this own, he has rolled three times from his tummy to his back, AND............ he has slept for a 5 hour stretch exactly twice. :)

We've been blessed with two very content little babies. They simply don't get sweeter than this little guy.

Rory teaching his little brother all about his digger and dump truck
Going for a spin on Rory's trike already!
Hugs from mommy

Egan's sad face :(  Isn't it hilarious?
Two months already!

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