Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Thanksgiving weekend past in a blur of walks, bike rides, drives to see the fall colours and food!  We had a relatively low key weekend and LOVED every minute of it.  Not a lot of plans meant we could keep the kids on their schedules and enjoy the long weekend and gorgeous weather close to home.  It couldn't have been better. 

Fall Cupcakes for Rory's Daycare and Peter's work

Our porch is the most beautiful place to be in the fall! 

Playing with cars on the porch

 First set of matching jammies, love.
Jammie love
 Fall walk/ride
 Early morning with my boys. Tired Mommy
 First wagon ride together!! Loving the leaves that came down over the weekend!
 We're not heavy are we daddy?!
 Egan LOVED the leaves!
Uh oh
 Where did he go?!
 Rory thought they were wet and yucky.
 Until it was time to pile on daddy in the leaves and then they were awesome!
 We even got grumpa to join in the fun!
 Beautiful colours on our street.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A six month old photo shoot

Someone tell this kid to SLOW DOWN!   Six months and he is already on the move! Egan started crawling on his belly just a few days shy of turning six months old. Where oh where is time going?

Six months and full of smiles, silly laughs and giggles, sitting, eating solids, and now crawling after his brother. This kid is unstoppable!  If only he slept better. Sigh.

Here is our six month old in pictures this morning.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Growing up so fast

I am not sure what has happened in the last couple of weeks but I have found myself more than once just wanting to soak every minute of this kid in... He is just growing up so damn quick.

In the recent months and days, Rory has changed from a toddler into a little boy before our eyes.  I am shocked each day by how well he now communicates with us, and all the things that he can do now that make him so heartbreakingly independent.  Heartbreaking, but also so awesome all at the same time.  We now can have full conversations with Rory, and that everyday blows my mind a little bit.  I can ask him what he wants for breakfast or for dinner and he can tell me!!  I can ask him to do something for me and not only does he understand but he offers now too. He asks to put things in the garbage, or to wash his hands... and even helps put his toys away!  When he is upset he can tell me why and with all the changes he is going through he can also communicate what he likes and doesn't like (thankfully he LOVES his new sitter and tells me that often).

The past week or so as been a rough sleep week here. Rory is at this in-between stage of being ready and not so ready for his big boy bed and we're not really pushing it.  It has been in his room now for 6 months, and we're letting him lead the charge on when it will become permanent.  After this week... I think we are close.  He has slept in that bed for the last 4 nights. Sometimes with me, sometimes with Peter and sometimes all by himself.  I often think Rory can do things/is ready for things long before Peter and I are willing just to give him the rope to do it.  For instance... this morning, after sleeping the night in his bed he got up, walked down the stairs and walked into the kitchen and greeted Peter, Egan and I with a "morning" smile and hello.   Proving to all of us, he doesn't (a) need help getting in and out of his bed, (b) need help walking down our staircase on his own, (c) need someone to tell him when it's time to get out of bed.  So.grown.up.

In a very rare moment this week, Rory let me cuddle with him before he fell asleep.  I got to kiss his neck and rub his back and chat quietly with him as he fell off to sleep.  A moment so amazing and so rare it almost brought tears to my eyes.  God I love this kid.

So, I would be remiss not to mention the "not so fun" part of Rory's ability to communicate clearly and "big boy" attitude.  Recently he has become extremely stubborn about what he eats.  Specifically, he has narrowed the field considerably in terms of what fruits and vegetables he will eat.  It's driving me CRAZY.  I often get told at dinner time his dinner is "yucky" and "he doesn't like" and get asked for toast or soup instead. I swear this kid would exist off of toast and soup and apple sauce if I let him!!

So... I am on a mission to get him eating vegetables whether I have to be a total sneak about it or not.

Here was attempt #1.  I made meatloaf cupcakes and piped whipped potatoes onto them.  I even coloured the potatoes pink!  They were just a mediocre success. He wouldn't eat the potatoes and asked for the "cake" to be made into a hamburg. But at least he ate it? Right?  Wish me luck!

A few more pictures of our growing little boy!

Butterflies with Rory's friend Ben at Carie's house (his sitter)

"I did it"!  Big jumps!

Matching brother James

So, so handsome.

What a turkey!