Thursday, September 23, 2010

3 Months of Growing

What a difference three months makes... in many ways. The more obvious ways of measuring the changes and milestones we've been through over the last 14 weeks is of course in the way Rory has grown. Check these out...

The less obvious ways to measure are the changes in Peter and I, and our confidence at being parents and even husband & wife with a child.  We're all doing really well. I am not sure what has happened in the last couple of weeks but like I said earlier, we're hitting some sort of stride as a family.  There have been many "moments" over the last three months, moments of pure joy and happiness, moments of laughter and awe, but without a doubt there also have been moments of doubt, sadness, loneliness and uncertainty about our new life and what the future would bring.   Anyway, they say you quickly forget about the first three months, not sure I will, but if I do... I have this post.  They in many ways were without a doubt some of the best and most significant moments of my life, and they also at times flat out sucked.  Looking back now, I wouldn't change a thing. I love this kid inside and out and our lives wouldn't be complete without him. Cheers to the roller-coaster of love and emotion it is to be new parents, and a new mom.  And Happy three month birthday Rory. We love you lots.

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