Monday, April 23, 2012

22 Months

And becoming such a little boy. We're surprised every day now by something Rory says, or does. He is just growing up so fast and understands so much now.  He's the greatest little brother to little Egan and has hit this really wonderful stage of independent play just in the nick of time.  He is fascinated by everything train and truck related right now, which I am taking full advantage of as we get through the newborn haze of feeding round the clock.

Peter had to work most of the weekend, so we took advantage of his Friday off and the rainy weather by taking Rory and Egan to a local train yard. It pretty much blew his little mind. There was a lot of  "WHOAs" and he even was lucky enough to get a few waves from the conductors that came through.

And back to him understanding so much... he hasn't touched his Elmo doll in months but yesterday insisted that he be diapered and sat and fed him a bottle for well over 10 minutes while I was feeding his little brother. He then put him to sleep in Egan's bassinet.  :)

My two little monkeys

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