Thursday, September 20, 2012

My big boy

The fall has brought changes for our big boy!  Rory started Nursery School, and is also going to be beginning a very slow transition with a new (fantastic) home daycare as well. This is all of course in preparation of me going back to work eventually and getting him out with kids his age this winter when I am stuck inside for the most part with Egan.

As September approached I definitely had anxiety about the changes ahead for all of us. Rory has been home now with me since February, and I was worried that these last several months would have brought a new sense of attachment to me and being at home. But... just like in every other situation this little boy has amazed us with his bravery and ability to so easily adjust to new situations and people.  He is loving the extra playtime and different stimulation. It's fascinating and so exciting to hear him talk about things we haven't taught him, and I love having him home with me in all the moments in between.

My mom keeps reminding me that you never get this time back, that your babies are only babies for such a short period of time. Embrace it... even the hard days.  I am super happy to say that it's getting so much easier to do that. I am totally at ease with two at home, and we're getting out a lot more now and having so much fun together. I just love the fall!!

Here's to a beautiful Autumn for all.

Off to nursery school!

I think his back pack is almost as heavy as him!

Sand table at nursery school!

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