Monday, September 10, 2012

And that was Summer!

Wow.  I haven't been on here in well over a month!  Time flies when you have little of it to spare I guess. August literally flew by in a flurry of weddings, weekend trips, and full days with my little guys at home.  The free time I had with just one, is now taken by the other, and blogging has just been very low on the totem pole. But in a promise that I would have a keepsake for Egan as well, I need to get my blogging mojo back!

We have just returned from our first vacation as a family of four, and we had such an awesome week. We rented a cottage on Golden Lake, and we honestly couldn't have chosen a better vacation spot for the age of the kids we have.

A cozy little cottage became our home for the week after Labour Day.  Rory was a super champ and napped and slept fantastic in a playpen, as did Egan.  The cottage was literally steps from a sandy beach, so when Egan was down we could all still be playing and swimming outside, and when the kids went down we could enjoy bonfires on the beach and wine on the porch. We even had fire in the fireplace on evening it was raining and cold. So cozy!

Lots of laughs, lots of dancing and playtime, and lots of great food and wine.  I love my boys!
Cozy mornings together!
Swimming with daddy!
Little Egan about to try solids for the first time.
Dump trucks, diggers, and sand castles
Brother Love
Beach Smiles
Rory's first bonfire!
A raining day soccer game, GOAL!
Cuddles with Daddy!
Baby and mommy on the beach
The Golden Lake
Keeping cool with a popsicle on the porch
Dinner dance party!
Brother Snuggles!
Fire Truck!!

Golden Sunsets, a perfect family vacation!

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