Monday, July 16, 2012

Stride this!

Rory got his very own Strider Bike! After not really knowing what to get him for his 2nd birthday, we found our answer when he fell in love with his cousin Noa's bike at her birthday party.  He didn't get off it the entire time we were there!  We had seen kids in our neighbourhood on these bikes, but given he got a trike for easter we didn't really want to spend the money on a new bike.  But... in a few hours he spent more time on Noa's bike than he's ever on his trike... so we put it on kijiji and bought Rory this!

The Strider bike is a no pedal balance bike for toddlers. It teaches them the fundamentals of biking - which is really about balance and makes an easy transition to a bike with pedals (skipping the training wheel step).   How cool eh?  It's so much fun to take him out in the neighbourhood and watch him go on this bike. And the best part is... it weighs almost nothing. When he gets tired I can still carry him AND the bike home.

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