Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Baltic Cup

We're coming up to a first year anniversary at 42 Baltic Avenue. Can you believe it? Remember when we moved in 2 weeks before having a baby? Ya, I don't remember much about it either.

As each season passes, we fall more in love with our neighborhood and specifically our street. We know all our neighbors by name. I know, crazy eh?  Even crazier is we like them all. When does that ever happen?

And just when we thought this street couldn't be any more perfect for our little family... a notice flew through our mail slot in early January, and again two weeks ago as a reminder, announcing the Annual Baltic Cup Road Hockey Tournament.  A-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Who wouldn't love a block that gets together each year to give a collective "you suck" road hockey salute to the city counsellors that approved this bylaw and these posted signs.

So today was the day, and we were blessed with gorgeous sun and a street full of happy kids and parents. These people know how to do up a road hockey tournament right. Complete with goodies for the kids, and a bbq and cooler of beer for the bigger kids.

We of course got decked out in our Leafs gear. Peter even ended up being a good sport about  wearing the jersey despite his ridiculous allegiance to a far crappier team.

Isn't he the cutest little Leafs Fan? Thanks for the jersey Gram and Grumps.

Me and Rory jersied this kid below in the red.
Then I had to take Rory for a time out. Better known as his afternoon nap.

Action shots

Hockey love on Baltic Avenue.

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