Sunday, March 13, 2011

What happens when mommy is away

So I left Peter and Rory alone for 4 hours last night and guess what the two of them got up to? They cut Rory's hair!!!! As the three of us lay together in bed this morning Peter twice said to me "Doesn't Rory look cute". Finally it occurred to me he was actually talking about something specific, and I turned and looked more closely to discover my BABY HAD BEEN GIVEN HIS FIRST HAIRCUT WITHOUT ME. 

What. a. brave. man.  

I am in utter disbelief. I am part amused, but mostly just in shock. When I asked Peter why?? He said he was afraid Rory was starting to look like the misfits with one piece of hair growing longer in the middle. 

So this was Rory before...

And this is Rory after daddy's barber school. He looks pretty happy about it, doesn't he. :) Or, it could be because I took a bottle out of his mouth to take this picture.

Why does a haircut make him look so grownup?
I am never leaving them alone again. Without taking all the scissors first.

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