Sunday, March 20, 2011

Car seat graduation day & March Madness

So, Rory has finally graduated into a big boy car seat. I say finally, because I am quite positive this milestone is a little late coming. A couple months is still just a little late right?  Right... so he may or may not have been transitioned exactly at the moment we realized he was over the height restriction of his infant carrier. But he has grown VERY tall ...VERY fast.

Not even 9 months ago, this is what we brought home in the infant carrier. The tiniest baby ever.

Also in our defense... spending the last of the really crappy winter weeks snug as a bug in his carrier snuggy, was was more fun for him than having to be dressed in a jacket every time we went out for a quick errand.

Nevertheless, his graduation day has come… and he LOVES his new seat. What better way to break in a new car seat than at 4.5 hour drive on a sunny Sunday back home to Toronto via Lanark County?!

Daddy made sure the straps were all sorted out at the right height before installation.

And clearly the extra space and velour is a hit with this kid.
It took him 5 seconds to fall asleep for a VERY peaceful ride back to Toronto.

We're just back from a fantastic March break visit in Almonte. We celebrated St. Patrick's Day and my nephew's 3rd birthday.  Check out the cake my sister made. My nephew is OBSESSED with diggers. This almost blew his mind. Actually it blew every one's mind. My sister is the best mom ever.

Did I mention she had surgery like two weeks ago?

I helped a little with the cake too. Just a little.

And a March trip would not have been complete without a St. Patrick's celebration. Rory's jersey was brought over from Ireland last summer by some of our family who made the trek for the Byrne family reunion.
He was just over 6lbs when we brought him home for the reunion (at 6 weeks old). I never thought he would be big enough to wear it for St. Patrick's Day this year.  It's probably going to be too small for him by next week.  

Time flies and everything grows.

(Shamrock socks courtesy of Father Bill on Rory's baptism day)

Our little leprechaun


  1. I CANNOT believe how tiny Rory was in his original car seat!! 5 1/2 pounds was a very long time ago.

    You two look absolutely smashing in your green and white photo. Ta gra agam oraibh!

  2. He could honestly be Nate's twin - even when he is sleeping he looks like him. Thanks for all your help this weekend, love you! xo

  3. I know eh. It helps he is acually wearing one of Nate's sweaters too. I thought he looked like Nate in the sleeping picture when I posted it!

    Have a great week. XO

  4. just so u know some chick named kelsey tedwell livingston on facebook is using a picture of your nephew and passing as her son named jacoby!/jacobysmommy2010