Sunday, April 3, 2011

This one is for you Gram and Grumps

It's a bit of a family tradition. Gram and Grumps get a Leaf's jersey all done up for their newborn grandchild and a photo-shoot ensues. In the past this has been much to the dismay of my sister and her husband (whose children have been the recipients). Obviously not Leafs fans. Which is why Rory is clearly going to be gram and grumps favourite. :)

My parents were in Toronto for a great visit this past week/weekend and chose this springtime weekend (as the Leafs fight for a playoff position) to "welcome Rory to the Leaf Nation". 

Thanks for taking such good care of Rory!

And meet my new best friend and most recent craigslist purchase. We bought a used Running Room Chariot this weekend. I am going to run the last of this baby weight off before I go back to work in June.

It's on....It's very on.

Look at her sitting there taunting me. We're going to have a love-hate relationship. I can already tell.

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