Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring is here

It was 22 degrees in Toronto today. Did you hear me... TWENTY TWO DEGREES. Spring is officially here and we couldn't be more excited about it. Bust out those short sleeves and riding toys!

And helmets... Why do babies bump their heads so much at this age?

In a few short months, we're about to break in a toddler on the streets and in the parks of Toronto. LOOK OUT! Can you believe this kid is going to be a YEAR old in June?

PS - Rory said mom on the weekend. Or yelled it actually. He yells a lot these days. I think it's excitement over the weather.

I have to admit... Nine months is totally my favourite age so far. I just love this kid and the new things he does

We're breaking out the bikes next weekend. We hooked Rory up with the sweetest helmet ever this weekend (he hates it), and whats left is just sorting out the bike carrier for our bikes. We found one that you can actually switch from one bike to another if you buy an extra mounting bar.  So there was no need for the rock, paper scissors after all.

And... it's time. We're packing up the exercaucer and jumperoo this weekend. I have decided. Because, just like I tell Rory everyday, I am the boss.

And because I am quite sure THIS isn't how it was intended to be used, and it's the only way this kid is interested in playing with it these days.

150.00$ for 5 months of use. I now know why people have more than one kid... to amortize the cost of these things across more use to make you feel better. And why do all toys HAVE to be made in neon?

I hope you're enjoying the sun and the short sleeves as much as we are! Happy happy happy spring!

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