Monday, April 25, 2011

There goes Peter Cottontail

Long weekends are always such a whirlwind. A wonderful whirlwind of visiting with family and friends... but that means travel. Rory loves the nap on the go kinda days. Mamma - not so much.  But who is going complain about an easy going kid?  Not me. I will just complain about the traffic.

It's hard to believe this was just a year ago!

Anyway, we had a wonderful weekend up in the Ottawa Valley.  The sun even poked out from behind the clouds for us, and Rory got to catch his first glimpses of the Easter Bunny (albeit a weird looking one this year), and tried crawling on the grass for the first time. Both took some getting used to.

Not too sure about the Easter basket stuffing, but I love my new balls and puzzles!

The Byrne great grandchildren (well, a very small fraction of them)
The super odd Easter Bunny, Rory still thought he was pretty funny. And what 10 month old wouldn't love a stuffed bunny who gives him a box of banana mum-mums?

I hope you and yours had a great holiday weekend.

Thanks for the new rain jacket gram and grumps. Timing couldn't have been better with the monsoon coming this week.


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