Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bikes, beaches, bunnies, babies and a bbq

This morning I woke up to a beautiful hot sun beaming through our east facing bedroom window. So wonderfully warm, that when I finally got up and took a quick glance in the mirror, my cheeks were definitively a sun kissed pink. I immediately knew it was going to be a fantastic day.
After a lazy breakfast with Peter, I started in on my campaigning.  My bike ride campaigning. For weeks now I have been absolutely itching to pull our bikes out of the basement and take advantage of this beautiful spring weather and go for a long bike ride in the sun.  My campaign today was backed with articles from the internet (read out loud over breakfast) about the ‘how to’ of safe bike riding while pregnant and the ‘plan’  to use the fantastic  safe bike paths in the east end and take a casual/slow ride through Leslieville, the beaches and down to the water.  Just like we used to do last summer. 
Well, with one major difference… I wasn’t 6 months pregnant last summer.
The mention of my bike and bike riding has been a bit of charged point of discussion for weeks between Peter and I. Last Friday it was almost a stand-off.  He was riding to work, I wanted to as well.  I didn’t end up biking. My tires were flat, and so was Peter’s morning expression of disagreement of the notion.
 Speaking honestly, Peter has been uncomfortable, nervous, and probably even scared of the idea of me out on my bike in this city. Perhaps it’s the size of my belly and concern about my balance.  Or maybe because sometimes I get too excited while biking and don’t pay as close of attention as I should.  And a lot of it’s probably just the obvious.  I just flat out don’t know my body as well as I used to.
But today we made a plan.  We had a calm discussion together about how we would keep both me and the baby safe while we enjoyed the weather and I got back on my bike.  It’s easy to forget that even though our baby is growing inside my tummy, his safety and his health is something we’re both concerned about and get an equal say.  Peter understood that for whatever reason, being on my bike was important to me today, and we sorted out the safety requirements of the trip together.
We ended up taking that casual and leisurely cruise down through the east to the beach. We stopped for some iced drinks along the way and eventually ended up at Kew Gardens where we locked up our bikes, grabbed some bagel sandwiches and read/laid in the park while the Beaches Easter Parade marched through the streets around us.  We took it slow, I paid close attention to everything around me, and Peter sat protective watch to my side.
When we got to the beach, there were kids and babies everywhere as they sorted out their positions along the street waiting for the parade.  It was not lost on us as we examined each passing stroller (we’re trying to decide on which kind we want) and each passing couple with their children, that this is soon going to be our life.  In a few short months we’re not going to be the carefree couple laying around in the park, eating sandwiches and reading books while other parents chase their little ones (some crying, some laughing and some yelling) around us. We’re going to be one of them.  We’re going to be parents.  Maybe it was the sun, and the biking and all that fabulous fresh air, but today the idea of being parents in 3 months was exciting.  It made us laugh and smile. It made us happy.  We’re getting closer to being ready for this. Today we could feel that.
So a beautiful day in the sun, and a reunion with my beloved black beauty (my bike), wrapped up a wonderful weekend of visits with family, a lot of friends and some quality time with just the three of us as well. I have a tan on my face, a full belly from a fantastic Easter BBQ and a heart growing at the excitement of soon becoming a mom.
Happy Sunday Everyone!   

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous day and the beginning of a beautiful season. And who could resist the lure of the Biria?

    Send you lots of positive vibes and keeping my fingers crossed on the house front.