Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here comes the sun

And these are the days us summer babies shine at our best. There is something about a bright sunshine that makes my eyes wider, my smile brighter, and my personality more playful.  I am a true Leo. I love the sun.  Our baby boy will also be a summer baby. This makes me so excited for the long gorgeous days of sunshine the two of us are going to spend together this summer walking the neighborhoods, parks and beaches of this city.  A whole summer to play together.  A summer baby, and a summer mom.  It’s going to be glorious.

Just as soon as we find a house.

So, offer #2 went in last night on a cute little semi-detached in Leslieville.  And... we lost in our very first bidding war!  How exciting (note my sarcasm). 12 offers went in, we were in the top two, we were asked to come back with our best offer. We move a bit, they moved more. They won. They actually won in the first round... So they outbid themselves.  Brutal.  But, we’re getting closer. And, we’re also getting more confident as our knowledge of the Toronto market and even all that boring crap about interest rates and long term equity/resale becomes more solid. Our agents are good.  They arm us with a ton of information, and then they watch/help us put the pieces together. But they never tell us what to do.  But the interesting thing is we’re getting it quickly.  Quicker then we thought we would. It’s sort of a game. I love a good problem to solve. When we see a place, and then find out what it sold for, I am pretty good at guessing within about a 5K variance now. 

So I was a bit sad this morning... But Peter made a good point by asking me if I was sad that we didn’t have a house yet, or was I sad about not having THAT house. And I was honest and said this time it was different, I was just sad about not having a house yet (the first round I felt heart sick I couldn’t have THAT house).  So... It wasn’t meant to be.  But one will be.

Until then... This sun makes everything seem so wonderful, doesn’t it? I am happy.

Mom and Dad are on their way here for a quick Easter visit, we have hockey tickets for tonight, and lots of plans to see friends over the weekend.

Happy Easter Everyone!


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