Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Room for two…

So, this belly is getting huge and I am feeling uncomfortable. But a very happy uncomfortable!  As my nephew Nate would say – H-A-P-P-Y!

I know. Oxy moron.  How can you be happy and totally uncomfortable all at the same time?  Happy, because our baby boy is growing bigger and stronger everyday (I know this only by being able to anecdotally measure the blunt force of the kicks I get none stop these days)… but a growing baby also means that I am all of the sudden up at night peeing more (again), I feel weird aches and tingles in my hands and feet and back that I didn’t just a few short weeks ago, and it takes me longer to find the right comfortable position before I close my eyes for slumber.  This of course is only to feel the need to move less than five minutes later.  Sometimes I actually become really comfortable, but then I am forced to move because the weight of my body has put the shoulder or arm or leg that I am curled up on, to sleep.  For real.

So I am carrying high. Carrying high I am told means that this bouncing baby boy is right near my ribcage, and possibly my lungs. Yeah, no kidding.  Apparently this is why I am sometimes feeling slightly claustrophobic!! It’s the weirdest, and I will admit, sometimes the scariest, of all the pregnancy symptoms I have had to date. The most interesting part about my claustrophobia is that is only happens when I am sleeping.  I wake up in a panic (it’s even happened on a plane) because I feel like I can’t breath or get this… I feel like there isn’t room in my body for both of us. Crazy eh?   Anyway, all quite normal, at least from what Google is telling me. ☺

So, 26 weeks pregnant and I am still discovering new things about this journey everyday.  Like the needle I am preparing myself for next week. My blood type is Rh-negative and Peter is positive…that ¬equals a needle for me to make sure I don’t develop antibodies to an Rh-positive baby.  We’re blessed by all this technology aren’t we?  More on preparing for this massive needle and my glucose test some other time.  XO

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