Monday, March 8, 2010

Gettin’ a move on.

I finally can feel the baby!!  I now am SURE I felt the baby for the first time last Thursday night. I was laying quietly by myself in bed and without a doubt felt something I never have before. Quick flutters at first, and since the weekend they definitely have transitioned into more pronounced moves in there.  Not kicking, but a lot of moving. :) It sometimes feels like my tummy is racing. I seem to be able to feel them more at night... I hope this isn’t foreshadowing for the baby’s schedule when he arrives! :)  It’s really exciting that I am starting to feel our little guy, and I can’t wait for Peter to be able to feel him too.  We have (give or take), 17 weeks left in our pregnancy and this baby boy is starting to make his pending arrival known with all this moving! So exciting.

So speaking of moving... Moving is something that Peter and I have talked non stop about recently. We need to move before our little guy arrives and we’re officially putting this plan into high gear. Our search for our first home has officially begun.  I am sure there will be lots more news on that in the coming weeks, so stay tuned and send us your good luck vibes. 

And finally... What a great weekend in Almonte!  We celebrated my nephew’s SECOND birthday and my girlfriend Kristen’s 30th!  It was a Saturday of birthdays and such a great time. I also got to eat cake TWICE!  Poor Nate had a bit too much cake and ended his big day with a bad stomach ache. I couldn’t help but thinking back to the tray of jaggerbombs at Kristen’s party, and wondered if that feeling might have been mutual between the birthday boy and birthday girl. We get older... But not necessarily smarter. Just kidding. :) Happy Birthday Nate and Kristen! We’re so glad we got to share it with you. Xo

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