Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Shaughnessy St. Patrick’s Day

My wonderful husband has been working extra hard to make this St. Patrick’s Day extra special for his baby +1.  Last night he slaved over the stove to prep an Irish Stew for tonight’s dinner, and this morning he woke up early to make me my very first breakfast of singin’ hinnies and turkey sausages (singin’ hinnies are a type of Celtic pancake that are made with currents, or cranberries in our case, and when cooked on a griddle, makes a singing noise). Fun eh! They were enjoyed with the Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem providing background tunes and Irish Coffee (sans alcohol) delivered in our very special Irish mugs which were a wedding present from my aunt Nancy and Jack.

I also arrived home the other night from my sewing class to find a treasure hunt of baby books in our town house to find as I began my bedtime routine. How cute are these!?! 

I love my Irish man.

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  1. a's tà grà agam ortsa, a stòr mo chroì! through and through....