Sunday, March 21, 2010


Mother nature can be so cruel.  My need to multi-task has never been so great and now is the first time in  my whole life my memory seems to fail me time and time again. It’s almost... ALMOST, comical. 
You will never ever be able to take a reference to “baby brain” seriously  or truly appreciate what it really means, until you go through it yourself as a pregnant woman.  And if you’re a male... Watching your wife or significant other go through the panic of forgetting her purse in an east end coffee shop that she doesn’t even remember the name of for HOURS on a busy Saturday afternoon, you’ll know... It’s definitely not intentional, or all that funny.  Until later... When she has her purse back intact and all you really can do is laugh about it.

I am 24 weeks pregnant and I have had some memory FAIL doozies over the last 5 1/2 months.  I have done things that would have without a doubt gotten me fired time and time again in a career and reputation I have built on not just being able to manage the details of big pitches, campaigns, TV shoots,  and events... But being able to do it way better than most.  I learned very early on in my career to love the little details. To sweat the little details.   Because,  it’s the little details that make everything seem that much more special.  For three years,  I put together a golf tournament for Maxim and Coors Light worth a million dollars and successfully individualized EVERY SINGLE detail for those that attended. I didn’t miss a thing. I prided myself on it. Because I am good at the details.  Well, I WAS good at them.

I am told this is the time in my pregnancy that I need to travel with someone else at all times. Period. After this weekend I would be hard pressed to disagree.   I found an Australian study that concludes their findings on ‘baby brain’ as this... "The results indicate that pregnant women are significantly impaired on some, but not all, measures of memory. And, specifically, memory measures that place relatively high demands on executive cognitive control may be selectively disrupted." “Research has also confirmed that when the long-suspected "baby brain" effect kicks in may impair memory for up to a year after birth”.


Here’s just a snap shot of things I have done recently...

  • Booked tickets for my parents to see the Sound of Music the month BEFORE they were coming to Toronto. They arrived at the venue (with the tickets I gave them when they arrived) to be told their tickets had expired a month prior.
  • Arrived to pick up our car at the dealership without my wallet
  • Arrived to work (on more than one occasion) without my computer.
  • Arrived to work (on more than one occasion) without my FOB to get me around the building
  • Left for the parking garage at work without my keys. Or purse
  • Put milk in the cupboard. Overnight.
  • Left my purse, in a coffee shop, for hours on a Sunday.
  • Driven to work on the weekend, when I meant to drive to a friends house
  • Forgotten what I was talking about it mid sentence during presentations at work
  • Forgotten my note book. Which is my bible at work, in numerous places. Two have never been found.

There is a lot more. I just can’t remember them.
In a relationship where that is really my true added value... I managed the details. God help us. :)

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