Monday, March 22, 2010


Tonight was my eighth and FINAL sewing class! Can you believe I have been sewing for two months now! SEW CRAZY!  I am happy to tell you that I passed!! Intro to sewing was a SEWcess!

I completed all three of the assigned projects. Do you remember them all? The draw string bag, and then the zippered pouch and then.. I bet you are just dying to see the skirt I made?!!  Tonight I finished the skirt by adding the ruffle to the bottom and then the hem. The HAND STITCHED, INVISIBLE HEM.  Honestly, who am I? 

Check-it-out...(some minor tweaks on the back hem still to be made). I think it will look super cute with a white tee this summer (that's IF, IF it ever fits me). And it's much longer than it looks mom.

My next class is a open format. We get to work on things that we bring to class. So like our own projects. This is where I am going to get crafty, and down to business. I have two major projects in mind. #1 - sew some pillow covers with the Amy Butler fabric I bought to brighten up the couch.  And project #2 a bag. A bag for me.  This is EXACTLY the one I want to make.  LOVE!!

After that... I should probably make something for the baby. :)

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  1. Jenna would love a bag like that too! Well done, I'm proud of you!