Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Listen to the music

Last night we saw a fantastic show at Massey Hall. Peter's parents bought us tickets to see Norah Jones perform for Christmas, and to our surprise and delight when we arrived last night ,we learned that Steven Page (former lead singer of the Barenaked Ladies) was opening for her with an acoustic set. He debuted a lot of his own new music from what will be his first solo album.  I was really surprised how fantastic both artists were, knowing very little about either. Norah Jones has a completely different sound than I remember, or at least her most recent album does. These days she sounds more like Neco Case, with a mixture of rock and electronica vs. her soft piano hits. Anyway, not only did we love the music, but this baby LOVEDDDD the music!! I haven't felt that much moving and kicking ever!! It was like he was dancing!

So, I looked it up today and did you know... that even within the womb, a baby responds to music and melody?? Apparently, hearing is fully developed by the third trimester (which I am very close to), and when a fetus hears a tune over and over again, he/she will recognize and feel comforted by that tune after birth. So we're dialling up the music. Peter is officially putting on nightly concerts with his guitar (that's when we're not out searching for a home).

What kicking up such a fuss over music also reminded me of, was part of the baby's room decor that I have been working on. It is inspired by our love of music, and also Peter's musical talent. Clearly this kid approves!!

These are small 5 x 5 prints of instruments that I am framing to put up in some sort of frame collage on the wall in the baby's room. 

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  1. These are really pretty Kim! We've been playihg a lot of music for our baby too, we even bought an electric piano - Eliza plays and I'm slowly learning - and the baby responds ;-).