Thursday, March 4, 2010

A handmade hug

I received a beautiful surprise in the mail this week! A surprise that reinforced my appreciation of handmade gifts and an increased desire to create and be creative with my own two hands.  A GORGEOUS blue handmade crocheted wrap arrived to my mailbox this week from a dear friend. Thank you Janet! XOXO.   I have put the wrap around my shoulders every evening and morning since its arrival. The best part is, Janet is far away, so it’s almost like having her right there in my living room hugging me. And I suppose that is the biggest difference between handmade and store bought. Living so far from so many family and friends, (especially being pregnant and emotional), makes things that remind me of home, and loved ones extra special. Gawd, that pretty much brought me to tears just writing it.  Sometimes loved ones just know what you need. And surprise! There it is, out of the blue (see my earlier post about change).

As I continue on my sewing journey (our skirt making continues next week), I continue to build confidence and appreciation for buying less and creating more. I have great aspirations for the baby’s room...Maybe once I am done my first sewing course I will be brave enough to share them with you. They include sewing things for the baby’s wall! WALL ART! Can you imagine? I have the whole room already planned out in a PowerPoint presentation (this is what I do at work these days). You know, so I can picture it. Or rather, picture me IN it.  I just need to figure out what walls and roof the baby will be under once it’s born.  Small detail.

Thanks so much for the cozy smiles and comfort this week Janet. 


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