Friday, April 23, 2010

Birth is the pinnacle where women discover the courage to become mothers

Don’t laugh. That quote is courtesy of Janice Holsmer, official pre-natal coach to Peter, me and our +1.

That’s right, we’re officially signed up for pre-natal classes and a hospital tour. We have debated this decision over the last little while... the if, the when, and the where we should sign up to take pre-natal classes. I will be honest, with the mountain of other things on our list to do, it just hasn’t made it past page three.  Until last week’s doctor’s appointment. The look and feeling of absolute horror and shock I felt when the nurse announced I had to get my shot (the one I got because Peter and I have different blood types) IN MY HIP, when I thought it was going into my ARM, said it all. We need pre-natal classes. We need them, because I am not good with surprises. And the less surprises driven by sheer naivety (unless happy ones like the surprise of a super super super quick birth), the better.

As my wise friend Josie put it, these babies are coming out one way or another... And she’s right. For whatever reason though, having now just spent $130.00 to be walked through what may or may not happen the day of our baby’s birth is both reassuring and terrifying.  Mostly because I can’t hear stories about a baby’s birth right now without my eyes welling up with tears. I don’t know if that means I am overwhelmed by excitement and emotion, or just flat out scared. Probably both.

While I know we could never fully prepare for everything our baby’s birth is going to bring, knowing details like where a needle goes, what our options are in different circumstances, who gives me the pain killers, and where we go in the hospital once the show is officially on the road, is a good idea for my sanity. And my sanity = Peter’s happiness. YAY.

So the pre-natal prep package I received via email promises the following benefits to taking these classes;

  1. Prenatal Classes will give you and your partner the information you need to make decisions that are right for both of you
  2. Prenatal classes will give you a better understanding of the process of natural childbirth
  3. Prenatal classes will help you and your partner become familiar with the many options that are available to you
  4. Prenatal classes help give you confidence in preparing for your birth experience
  5. Prenatal classes give you a better understanding of alternative pain relief methods that are available
  6. Prenatal classes help prepare you and your partner for what to expect during labour, birthing, breastfeeding, newborn care and the postpartum period
  7. Prenatal classes give you a chance to ask questions, to voice concerns and to share experiences
  8. Prenatal classes will help you to sort through some information that may be inaccurate or out of date
Or your money back.

Kidding. They don’t offer a money back guarantee. But perhaps they should. Using the words “will give you”, is sort of like a promise isn’t it? Sounds like one to me.

Anyway, in the midst of the sheer chaos we have planned for ourselves in the next 6-8 weeks. Spending an entire day together focused on the baby and our "birth-day" will be a really wonderful thing for all of us.


  1. This pciture is hilarious by the way ;-)

  2. Kim, just an FYI. I had to go through the whole shot thing too as Dave and I of course had opposite blood types. So therefore I have had the shot 4 times (two with each pregnancy) All four times I had it in my arm. Dr. Deschenes gave me the choice the very first time. The next three times when the nurse told me to drop my drawers I refused and insisted it be given in my arm. The arm is the only rightful place a needle should go as far as I am concerned. So, when you have the 2nd one you just tell them you want it in your arm 'cause I said so...!