Thursday, April 29, 2010

30 years, 30 weeks and 30 days

You know what being 30 years old and 30 weeks pregnant on the 30th means?  It’s a champagne pregnancy!!! Kidding, I am quite sure it doesn’t mean that, but for my mental health let’s call it a champagne coincidence. These are the things that amuse me these days. Thinking about champagne.  And maybe what IS interesting is that the 30,30,30 is happening in the year of my real champagne birthday. 31 on the 31st. It’s going to be a champagne July folks. You’re not going to want to miss it.

We just have got to make it there.

To be honest though, I can’t really complain about anything. For 30 weeks pregnant, I feel fantastic. I wear heels everyday to work, people tell me my skin is glowing, my rings still come on and off with ease, I am sleeping (for the most part) at night, work is actually the best it has been in months, I feel like I am clear headed and contributing to a successful wrap up for my team, we had a great doctors appointment yesterday – the baby is healthy, happy and head down, ... What more could a pregnant woman want? 

How about 10 minutes to pretend we don’t have a TO DO list that isn’t 10 pages long.

Things are busy. Crazy busy. Peter and I have something to do, or see, or buy, or talk about, or meet about ... Every single night. I have a shelf life of “feeling fantastic” until about 6pm. So things are probably too busy, but when has that ever been something I DON’T do to myself.  But we’re excited. REALLY excited. And at the end of all this hard work, guess what our reward is?  A new home, and a BABY.  I know. Crazy.

So... You’re going to start seeing a lot of before and after pictures of our house. We’ve got some renos planned, some painting planned, some landscaping planned, and some décor and furniture planned. Which reminds me, I need to get my (and by my I mean Stephs) sewing machine serviced.  If this baby comes early, heck whos kidding who, if he even comes on time, we will only get through 1/18 of my list, but a home it is and a home it will be.

More later... It’s well past our bedtime.

Oh... we finally bought a crib!

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