Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rain, rain go away, and come back with the third trimester, and breakfast in bed!

It’s been raining non-stop since Tuesday. Ok, so it’s only Wednesday…, which is a fair point. But after all the sun on the weekend, and now all this rain, this week already feels a million days long.

I am tired this week. Really tired. I haven’t been sleeping that well since the weekend, and I got up yesterday at 5am to go the gym and lifted weights for an hour. I regret that decision. I think it zapped whatever energy this rain hasn’t depleted from me. You know though, I can’t complain too too much. With all that is going on with us (both our jobs being crazy busy right now, the on-going house hunt, entertaining visitors, auditioning for TV shows, planning for the birth of this baby, and the work I can’t see but feel, as our baby grows bigger everyday) I have been feeling pretty good as of late. Happy. Healthy. And surprisingly, pretty sane. That’s right SANE. Hallelujah!

So let’s kick this THIRD Trimester off then!!! To celebrate, Peter arrived this morning to greet his very sleepy, but very grateful wife and baby +1 with breakfast and coffee in bed. Gold star for Pietro on what would have been a rainy miserable Wednesday. He made it a rainy fantastic Wednesday. ☺

Hopefully this period of severe tiredness is weather and over exercise related and not what is to come for the next 15 weeks. We gots a lot to do.

PS – I didn’t want to dedicate a whole blog post to this but I FINALLY went shopping for new bras the other day and to my holy shock… the girls have grown TWO full cup sizes. For real. It’s crazy. It’s the best part about being pregnant. Besides the baby stuff.

Love you.

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