Saturday, April 23, 2011

Double Digits

10 months old today, and about 10 x as busy and 10 x the work, but 10 x the fun!  This kid is on the move! When did he learn how to stand, hold onto things with one hand, all the while scoping out every wire and electrical socket in our house?! This little guy got super clever, SUPER quick.

My sister told me at 1 year old, she could leave her daughter in front of an episode of the backyardigans in the morning with her bottle and blanket while she got ready for work. As if.

BOYS! Are not the same as sweet delicate little girls. Definitely sweet, but not entirely delicate.

And check out these two....we got together with one of my girlfriends Josie this weekend, and let our boys have a bit of play! It was wild!!! Just a little while ago they would just lay together side by side on a blanket and kick their feet and smile at us. Now it's baby-wrestle mania.

This seems like just yesterday ...

And now check out these little monkeys!!  Evan was PUSHING Rory across the floor on his riding toy!! Too cute!  It really is astonishing to go back and look at how these little ones have changed.

Evan - "what happened bud?"
Rory - "I don't know I just toppled over, it's like the motor stopped working"


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