Thursday, February 25, 2010

What can a pregnant woman do?

I have sort of forgotten by this point who I have shared this blog with… but I DO love that you’re all here. With that said, some of you may or may not appreciate this next post. But you’ll get over it. This will seem very Kim.  ☺

I miss drinking.  I love my baby. And I miss drinking.

Sorry mom.

I miss the big, bold and beautiful glasses of my favourite cabernet sauvignons that Peter and I used to share after work while we chatted about our day and prepared dinner.  I miss the tall flavourful local pints of beer from our fantastic neighborhood pub in Cabbagetown (we barely go there anymore, it’s just not the same).  I miss girls’ nights, where bottles of wine seemed bottomless.  I miss boozy trips home to Almonte where I could stay up late into the night catching up with my parents, my sister & brother in law, my favourite Almonte neighbors, and all my other friends and family.  I miss the total crap days at work (which I have had a lot of lately) that were so quickly forgotten with cocktail hour drinks with friends, and the special nights where I would scour the LCBO for new types of beer and wine to bring to my friend Cynthia’s after work and then take a cab home. 

These days… I often fall asleep on the couch by 8pm.  Not exactly the life of the party.

Last week I even brought my own beer to my friend Kathleen’s house for some long over due catch up, and she took one sip of my near beer and said “dude, this stuff is disgusting, I don’t know how you can drink this crap”.  She has since banned it from her house!!  I felt ashamed. Because, this near beer girl is the same girl that just this past summer had biked to Kath’s house, in a wind storm, for well over an hour, on my cruiser - which is meant for crusin', down the Lakeshore, with not one but TWO tetra packs of wine in my basket for us to enjoy together.   And then biked home. I had a helmet, don’t worry.

I am but a shadow of the Irish country girl I used to be.

Until last night. Something special happened… Peter and I found the most delicious fake beer ever!!! I spilled it (more evidence that it’s just like real alcohol, because I always spill my drinks), and it even SMELLS like real beer.  Happy days are here again! haha Just kidding. But what it did was make me laugh, make me feel like I was part of the beer drinking “normal” fun during the Canada/Russia game last night. It even made me a little flushed in the face. Hilarious!

Oh wow... I just re-read this, I have most definitely talked about drinking for too long. I will have a call from my mom in about 5 minutes after I post this. You just wait.  It’s not a problem, just a strong appreciation for social habits that I miss. Totally normal right?

P.S - I found the material for my skirt. For a fraction of the cost of the original material. AND I found a website online to buy Amy Butler fabric for WAY less than Queen Street. Another HOOOORAY!


  1. I gave up alcohol for Lent. And I'm not Catholic... I feel great. Think about it. Drinking...not such a great habit anyway! I think it's even helped me with the weight loss. Chin up lil Kim. A bottle is definitely in your future. But it's a baby bottle.



  2. O Canada......O'Doul's.....Oh Kimberly, I love thee. You'll always be the Almonte Girl. Are you ready to crack another cold one? xoxoxo

  3. O'Doul's! I'll be trying it this weekend! Where did you find it?!