Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And we’re having a bouncing baby...

Well, a very HEALTHY bouncing baby QUESTION MARK.

We had an amazing anatomical exam today. The baby was checked out from top to bottom and we have what appears to be one healthy baby !  YAY!! What more could we ask for, and what an amazing thing to be told.  We saw pictures of the baby top to bottom, and what a cute little bottom it is!  The baby was be-boppin’ and scottin’ all over the place, so cute!  But what we didn’t get today... Was a gender identification.  I cried when she told us the baby was super healthy, even the heart beat “is fantastic”, but I cried even harder when she told us that knowing the gender today would be impossible. Apparently the clinic at Women’s College Hospital, has a strict policy about revealing gender to parents. Strict in that, they don’t do it. Ever. They send the information to the patient’s OB and let the OB decipher for themselves and tell the patient. A little anti-climactic. I have to admit.

So the wait goes on.  We’re not sure what happens now. My next OB appointment isn’t until March 10th!! To be honest... If we have to wait that long, we might just reconsider finding out all together. What do you think?

The other thing I will add, is that today before we left for work (having not slept at all again), I flip flopped. I now think we might be having a baby boy.  Yup, I may have changed my mind. So there goes my mother's intuition, given I have said from the beginning we're having a girl.  I am not sure what caused the change, maybe the stubborness of this child to just let me sleep at night. It has to be a boy. hahah. So... the mystery remains, even to my own intuition. Unless of course,  it's twins. :)

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  1. i will obstinately contest your notion that boys are stubborn. xoxo