Monday, February 15, 2010

Sew Much Anticipation!

We’re back from a fantastic weekend in the Ottawa Valley. We think it was JUST what the doctor, and likely the baby... ordered (aside from the cake I continue to dream about that is)! We had quality time with lots of family and friends, celebrated Emily & Brad’s darlin’ Clementine’s 1st birthday, slept in – A LOT, and had a wonderfully quiet and yummy Valentine’s Day together in the place we hope to one day call home. Almonte.

Tonight, I had my 3rd sewing class and I completed my FIRST SEWING PROJECT EVER!! YAY!!!   We made the most adorable draw string bags and even though I know these things are probably the easiest things ever to make, I am still really proud of myself.  It’s pretty cute. FYI - You’re all getting one for Christmas. I am sure I will have figured out what to use it for before then... So it can be just as useful/less, to you.

And finally... This is a BIG week in the O’Shaughnessy home. Tomorrow afternoon,  Peter, me, and our little mango are going to be one step closer to meeting each other. Tomorrow we have our scheduled 20 week anatomical ultrasound and besides being reassured our baby is happy and healthy growing inside my swelling belly, we will be told if a little boy or little girl will be joining our July family celebrations.

What a perfect way to end our family day long weekend.


  1. I am SEW proud of you! You're going to be able to teach me a few things in no time! Just noticed you're already 20 weeks pregnant. When did that happen!! Half way there friend!